Need advice for CDP selection

I need some helpful advice on cdp selection for my system. I have read reviews on Accuphase, EMC, Wadia, Krell, Audio Aero, Sony SCD1 etc. and they all seem to be contender's. I have not had the opportunity to audition any other cdp's with a Krell system except a Krell. Anyone have any recommendations?
I have Krell FPB 200c and B&WN802 and recently chose the Resolution Audio Opus 21 after auditioning many and some on your list. My second place finisher is also NOT on your list. It was the very fine Ayre CX-7. It too had a very detailed and refined sound.
I own the electrocompaniet EMCI because it was by far the best value for the dollar when I purchased it ($3K used vs $5k retail), good resolution, extended bass and very sweet, no digititis.

The Wadia, Audio Aero and EMCI are all Audiogon favorites. The up-side: you will find a lot of info in the archives about them. The down-side: the world of excellent digital playback is much bigger than these three players.
Is SACD playback important to you? If it is not, (oh boy), I would eliminate the Sony and look to the others. If SACD is important to you, another player to consider is the new Musical Fidelity TriVista SACD/CD player.

The players you list are very good, I don't think it is so simple as saying "buy this one"; if you have a dealer that you are comfortable with and carries any of these, deal with him. (I know a wonderful dealer for the EMC if needed.)

There are some very nice players available at this time.
make that 2 votes for the resolution audio opus 21. costs less than the others you mentioned and sounds better. best cd player i've ever heard. i recently bought one and couldn't be happier.
Disclaimer: I am a dealer for Electrocompaniet and Xindak.

As the previous posts have stated already, there are quite a few players on the market now that I am sure you would be happy with. The question of course is which digital solution you would be "happiest" with ;-) I have heard good things about the new Opus 21, but haven't heard it myself. The Audio Aero is another great player, but there have been "issues" (do a forum search and I am sure you will find plenty of info). Another is the Audiomecca Mephisto 2, but it is too warm and "syrupy" for my taste, but still a great player (check with Stewart at Sanctuary of Sound for more info on the Mephisto, as he is much more familiar with the Audiomecca than I am).

My dad and I prefer the EMC-1 over ANY other Redbook player. We have yet to hear another player (and we have heard just about everything) that sounds as analog (which is the ultimate goal of digital of course) as the EMC-1.

If you are interested in SACD, another player that you might consider and that many have never heard of is the new Xindak SCD (SCD-1 for solid-state output, SCD-2 for tube output). We just recently picked up the line and have been VERY impressed so far. Most SACD players sacrifice Redbook playback (mainly because the Sony chipset has to do double-duty, and was really never designed to excel at Redbook). The Xindak is the only SACD player that we have heard that does a more than adequate job with Redbook.

Good luck in your search!

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Thanks for the replies folks. I need to get out and find some of these cdp's to demo. I have been to many of the local high end shops (Seattle and Portland) but have not been able to find anything but Sony, Krell, Levinson, and Shanling. Does anyone know where to find these units in this area? I have not decided on redbook or SACD yet. It really comes down to what works best with my current gear. Krell FPB 350MC's, Krell HTS 7.1, and N802's. I may add a 2 channel pre if necessary but hope to avoid that expense with the right cdp. Thanks again.
The Opus 21 can run directly into your FPB 350MC's and the HTS can run directly into your Opus 21 if the HTS has a digital output. If not, you would have to buy an Analogue to Digital converter which range in price from $50.-$3000. This set up elliminates the need to buy a seperate preamp.
Give Bruce Jacobs a call for home demos.He is at:{920}-733-8539/Sound World.I have had many pieces through the house to audition IN MY OWN SYSTEM.It's the only way to be sure that you will be happy with your decision over the long haul.Happy hunting!
resolution audio will allow you to demo the opus 21, which will connect directly to you amp and has a built in volume control, for 30 days for free. (except shipping charges if you decide not to keep it)

check out
I have read some threads and a review that complained about the clearly audible whine from the CD mechanism on the Opus. Any comments about this from Opus owners?
yes, when the cd is spinning you can hear it. just barely, though, and only at very close distances. if my cat is purring on my lap with the volume on mute, i can't hear it. if the music is playing at all, you absolutely can't hear it, even during silent passages.
Hey Bill, I recognized your screen name from our earlier talks on the subject. I think you can probably guess which side of the fence I fall on (EMC-1)! For other's knowledge, WVICK and I had established a deal for the purchase of my EMC-1 mk2 when ultimately I decided to keep it and declined to sell. WVICK was gracious enough to permit the accomodation. Anyway, I wholeheartedly endorse the EMC-1, however I will add that the Accuphase player is very nice indeed. I just preferred the musicality, bass response and control, and smooth top end of the Electro in my system. Personally at present I am curious about a modded Shanling t-100. The ad for the mod (which runs $700?) suggests that it elevates the player to a level competitive with any other piece (a bit of a bold statement) at any price (even bolder). I have heard the std Shanling running tube stage out and thought it had a very natural, effortless presentation. Not too syrupy a tube stage. Perhaps the warmth in that stage might be something to look at. I haven't read the above responses, but I can tell you that there are several threads herein that compare the players or some of the ones listed and these may be a good reference point for you. Best regards, and good luck to you Bill whatever route you should choose. Makofkalaw (Dave)