Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge

So, the cleaners destroyed my phono cartridge yesterday while dusting even though I'd cautioned them against dusting my stereo. Absolutely sick about it. Anyway, I need to get a replacement cartridge so I need advice on one that is of equal quality or better. The destroyed cartridge is a Transformation Axia which is no longer made. Thanks in advance!

My system:

VPI Prime turntable, Sutherland Little Loco phono amp, Luxman L509X amp, Revel F208 speakers, two Sumiko S10 subs


Another vote for repairing the cart.  Where ever it ends up you will need to wait. I had a Koetsu RSP get its cantilever removed by the same mechanism.  Peter Lederman at SoundSmith repaired it after a several month wait.  It has been working great (and still sounding like a Koetsu) ever since. 

Because of the wait, picking up a cheaper low internal resistance cartridge in the meantime makes sense.  Have fun exploring something new. 

+1 on Benz Ebony L. However, the Zyz 4D is what I upgraded too, and is better IME. It is 4 ohm

Sorasound used to have them for $3495. not sure about now

Another happy SoundSmith customer! I’m using Zephyr MIMC Star with their MCP-2MK2 phono. Michell Gyrodec SE, SME M2-9-R.

Personally I think it’s crazy to wait several months "or so" for a 3rd party retip - either going without, or buying a "cheap" interim cart in the meantime. There are lots of great options that take less time than creating a full human being.

Since Transfiguration is apparently out of business, I’d pick a new cartridge (like a Benz iron cross & wood body model, or any Koetsu) and sell the old one as-is for its new owner to decide on their favorite re-tipper. Unfortunately you won’t get "full value" for the busted cartridge unless you already have it at a re-tipper for a damage assessment. So consider that, as well. I’d look at VAS NY since he has good turnaround time and proudly posts pics & audio of his rebuild work (which is quite extensive) to Facebook.

And I’m sure SS does great work, but over the years I’ve also seen a lot of "just 5 hours since rebuilt by SS, sounds great!" cartridges for sale, too. I’m not waiting 7 months to find out why lol.