Need Advice For A large Room 2 Channel Speaker

In my case I have one large room including a main family room with kitchen directly behind it measuring 20ft wide by 30ft deep. The front of the room is where the main AV equipment and speakers will be located. Directly to the left of the family room is the main entrance to the house measuring 15ft wide and 16ft deep. On the opposite side of the family room is another open game room measuring 16ft wide and 16ft deep. All rooms have 11,or 12ft ceilings.

Obviously this is a large space to deal with almost along the lines of a small size warehouse apartment. I currently have a Genelec 5 channel set of speakers mated to an Anthem AVM30. Will be adding two additional Genelec speakers and upgrading to an Anthem AVM50 for a 7 channel theatre set up.

My main concern is the 2 channel system. I'm sure my B&W 805s speakers just wont be up to the task. I plan to keep the Anthem 2 channel amp and Oppo BDP-83SE universal player for now. My budget for two new 2 channel speakers is $6K and preowned is fine. My listening distance from the front of the speakers will be approx. 8 to 10 ft. I listen to mainly classic rock, smooth jazz and blues. I am open to using monitors and a sub or floor standers.

Is it possible to isolate the sound stage to the front of the room to some degree without trying to fill the entire room with sound? I do have several sound panels from my previous house I can use to help with the set up. The lines I have access to in general in my area would be B&W, Dynaudio, Magnepan, Sonus Faber and possibly Harbeth. I'm just about ready to give up on the 2 channel system so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

McIntosh makes some very large beautiful room filling speakers....XRT22's or XRT18's these speakers would work very well. Just a mention.
For such a large space consider a horn based loudspeaker or of the speakers mentioned larger maggies with massive power.
Since Magnepans thrive in large spaces I would take advantage of that and enjoy their larger panel openness. As already stated though, you'll need power to drive them.
Look into Tannoys. 12" or 15" Dual Concentrics will do the job. My 16' X 34' w/cathedral ceiling room is handled well by my custom built 12" HPD drivers.

Do yourself a favor, go and hear some, they won't disappoint.

Maggie's are for you!!! A dream come true.