Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves

I read many discussions  concerning isolation using various materials and tweaks. My cabinet is open on all sides and has 3 hardened glass shelves that are 20”x60”. On the top shelf is a TV, the middle shelf consists of a Dac, music server and a cable box. The bottom shelf has a DVD player, a tube integrated amp and a power conditioner. Under each component is a 1” hardwood cutting board with attached rubber footings plus DH cones between the components and the hardwood board. 
I’m wondering if the hardwood boards and DH cones are enough isolation from the glass shelves.
I’m considering placing a 20”x60”x1” hardwood shelf (possibly maple) on top of each glass shelf to replace the individual boards or replacing the glass shelves entirely with thicker maple shelves.
Any comments or recommendations would greatly be appreciated.
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Agree, don’t use glass shelves. I have a wood audio rack and use DH Cones under my components. They sit atop a maple platform which floats on the wood shelf; a gel substance between platform and shelf makes this possible.

Sorbethane would work instead of the cutting board feet. How thick is the cutting board and is it truly a hardwood (like bamboo)?

Yep, replace all the glass with a different product.
Possibly thicker maple shelves as you stated.
Butcher blocks from ikea are nice and definitally better than glass.

The approach you're using- rubber, wood, cones- to ameliorate being on glass is a pretty good one. Glass adds glare and hardness, which you sort of cover up with the rubber and wood, and then try and get some of the speed and detail back with the cones. That's not bad.  

Your idea of adding a bigger wood shelf, or entirely replacing the glass with wood, will probably be a little better. No idea what you are looking at cost-wise for that. But pretty sure Nobsound springs will be a lot less money and absolutely certain they will be a much better improvement. Read the threads, these things are absolutely awesome for the money.

But honestly, all these options are baby steps. If you are looking to do something that will be a significant system upgrade, look into Townshend Pods. I would start with a set under the tube amp and take it from there. Not cheap but these are great strides we're talking not baby steps.