need advice, am looking at Marantz sr6004 receiver

now using Yamaha rx992, also have b&w 602 speakers, center cc6, I would like to upgrade all speakers and sub (velodyne 1012) as well.
I need some advice as to which receiver I should get looking to spend about $1,300, any input would be welcome,
The Marantz is a nice unit and I love the Blue tooth receiver!
Hi Kenny,
I was mostly concerned with the sound quality and separation when watching movies, glad to know you like it.
My family room is 20x17.
Thank you for your response
I to am looking at the Marantz sr6004.Kenny have you had it for a long time? It has all the features that im looking for, my only concern is the "POD" (pop of death) that some owners are reporting.Have you had any problems? Thanks
on the POD problem with the 6004, I read lots of reviews and none of the professional reviews mention the "POD" factor, but individual posts do a little much for my confort(any truth to it???? probably some, a pro review says to stay away from the gray market Marantz 6004's $899 and go with a reputable dealer pay the $1299.00 and minimize chances of having a problem.
I looked at reviews for the Denon 3310ci marantz 6003 Yamaha rx v-2065 and the concensus on the 6004 reviews are still better.
Here's reviews for 6004 & competitors.
Never had any POD issues and have had it for months.