Need advice about upgrading speakers ( it might be the last one i own).

Need some friendly advice or recommendations about a major upgrade in speakers. I am looking to buy used to stretch my dollar

I currently own a pair of Golden Ear Technology model 7's speaker. They are 3 years old and retail for $1395.. They can sound very  good in my set-up and are accurate, but also are a bit edgy on top, and also  don't convey the feeling or emotion of real music. Without getting into the definition of "real music",or the ambiguous  terms euphonic vs real, or warm versus  analytical,  just  say I would like to acquire a better sounding speaker. I play a fair amount of classic rock, and rock/jazz fusion and classical symphonic is getting a lot of play time recently.

So far, I have considered:

Revel Concerta F-206 ( retail $3500) 

Choral 826W ( $3500);

PBS Imagine T-2 ( $3500 )

Tannoy XT-8F  ( $2600 retail).

Vienna Acoustics Baby Beethoven ( $4500 retail ?) 

Audio Physic Tempo 25 ( $6995?) ( not the later 'plus" version) 

Audio Physic Scorpio  retail $6500 )  

Audio Physic Sitara 25  ($4995 retail);  

 ProAC D-25 (retail ??)

Audio Physic Virgo II  ( $5495 retail )    

I have heard the Tannoy and Revel and AP Virgo II.  The Revel and Tannoy sounded very good , but the Revel has the  lead.   I have heard other Vienna Acoustic speakers and was not overly impressed  The AP Tempo Plus is also in serious consideration.  For the record, I am looking a smoother, and more musical speaker than the GET 7's

Magneplanars are too problematic in placemen;, therefore, I have almost eliminated them from consideration. 

Thank you,  S.J.



 Have you considered Sonus Faber, maybe a used pair of Cremona M or the Olympica 2 or 3? I own the Elipsa SE and they are extremely musical speakers with very tight well defined base. They have that "in the room" quality in spades. I remember reading a Sonus Faber review that said. Some speakers sound one way and others sound another. But Sonus Faber just sound like music. I have found this to be very true. I am continually amazed by my Elipsa SE

Take a look at this thread

It would appear the C7's might be more along the lines of the sound you are looking for. Or perhaps the Pro Ac D38


I think you should hear the Proac D-30r as well. The ribbon tweeter and its integration into the overall sound is outstanding.
Monitor Audio is a brand you should also listen to.
I second the Sonus Faber recommendation. Some Elipsas are used on audiogon and audiomart (including an SE version). The olympicas are also nice. I’d also maybe consider Harbeth, but all these speakers and manufacturers have different unique sounds. The Sonus Fabers are the most musical that I’ve heard, and the Elipsa SEs were the easiest to fit in any room. They don’t need as much space from side and back walls. Though a lot depends on your max budget.   I do think the Elipsa SEs have a lot more "life" top to bottom than the Olympicas while maintaining the same musicality and euphoric sound that Sonus Fabers are known for.
Sunnyjim:  I don't have enough experience with the speakers you listed to give an opinion.  But I will suggest a home audition of whichever Ohm Walsh model is appropriate for your room size (room size chart is on the Ohm web site).  They should certainly be in your price range.  I purchased the Ohm Walsh 2000s in late 2009, and I really doubt I will ever replace them (unless I hit the lottery).  Sounding like "real music" is, IME, what they do best, and better than most speakers at or near their price that I have heard.  Ohm offers a 120 day in home trial.  If you don't like them, you lose the round-trip shipping, but in my opinion, in-home demos are the only way to buy speakers (and most electronics, too).

 The way to tell the SE version from the regular Elipsa speakers at a glance is the finish. The SE version has a high gloss finish were the original Elipsa had more of a mat type finish. There is a pair listed here as just Elipsa but they are the SE version in the gorgeous violin red. With the Elipsa SE you will feel no need to upgrade in the future.  

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There is a high gloss graphite pair of the Elipsa SE on US Audiomart.
The Dynaudio Special 40 coming out very soon, might be worth waiting for. The latest of what Dynaudio has to offer in an anniversary edition. I am going to take a serious looks at these.
The price is $3,000 so not too pricey.

Could be be my last speaker ;-)


Thank you  to all who have responded  so far. The Sonus Faber Elipsa speakers  look too large and even used, beyond my budget.  However, I need to check out on AG, the Cremona M and the Olympica  2 and 3, but I got a feeling they also may be beyond my budget....'

I will also check out the Proac models recommended on this thread. 

Thanks,  S.J. 

Love my ProAc Studio 148 speakers that I got for just over $3000 USD.  Unfortunately, they are discontinued.  Fortunately, there is an upgraded replacement model coming out but it sounds like it will be more expensive.
Might the issue be further upstream?
You can get a $10 k   Martin  Logan Montis  Loudspeaker for around $5k that will put to shame many speakers Double their cost  and then some and with DSP, for the Bass totally seamless , and no speaker does the critical midrange better then a Electrostatic  Loudspeaker. 
I understand if your budget doesn't allow, but the Elipsa SEs fit smaller rooms much easier than the Olympica III and probably even the Cremonas.  There is a thread on about fitting in even smaller rooms.
Another speaker you should consider is the Prana Fifty90. It is right in the middle, price wise, and every time I"ve heard it, the sound just pulled me in. If you're in the L,A, area, Elliot Midwood over at Acoustic Image lists them on his site. Every review loves them and if I had your money, I'd seriously consider them and at least audition them before buying anything else.

All the best,
Need to know how many watts you are or SS amp? Can't choose speakers without knowing how much current you have available.
Rock is your genre of choice so you need speakers with oomph.  I would take the Focals and PSB T2 off the list in that case.  You really should look at used JBL synthesis array 1000 or s3900 or whatever you can afford. They do come up for sale on the used market regularly.  Great for rock and absolutely terrific for symphonic pieces.
Trust yourself. The Revel F206 is an awesome speaker. Great looking, extremely well built and superb sonics. Economies of scale put this speaker's performance far beyond its price. 
Not knowing what your budget is, here's an excellent option if you have the money:

Hi sj, two years ago I believe I solved my own quest for possibly my "last" speakers.

I've been in this hobby for decades and have owned more speaker models over that time than I ever counted.  That was until I discovered the Duntech Princess which I had for 19 years!  But they were large (6' tall and 180 lbs each) which meant difficult for a pending move.  Besides I developed an itch for HE speakers so ventured off into that camp, along with SET amplification.  But even with that magical mid-range I was not satisfied with the lack of bass extension and even upper bass body to much music as I was accustomed to with the Duntechs.

So after more searching I (re)discovered Janszen speakers and after a home audition bought a pair of their floor standers.  They also offered a stand mounted model for less money (which is also very good) but "in for a penny, in for a pound".  Since I bought mine they introduced a powered version with internal bi-amping.  Bottom line is I love mine, and they elicit positive comments from anyone who visits, be they audio hobbyists or simply music lovers.

Good luck.

To  Pryso,  I have considered Janszen, but felt both models were too expensive. I will check again on AG. Supposedly, their ribbon tweeter has all the benefits of  electrostatics.

To escrtitorjuan:  Thanks for the recommendation, but they are too big and probably too expensive. Also, they would start a domestic nuclear event with the wife.  

To 4425, Thanks for endorsement of the Revel F-206. They are leading the pack as of now

nonoise:  You are astounding because you always come up with something off the wall......which is good. I never heard of the Prana brand.  But I will definitely check them out their website site, and locate the "Acoustic Image" shop. Hopefully it is not all the way to Ventura....that is a 40 mile trip from the L.A. metro area. 

To all others, thank you for the suggestions   S.J.

I've come to the conclusion that asking others for speaker advice is somewhat like asking others to recommend a wife. 

There's a mind boggling number of brands out there and all have their fan boys.

But what the hell, I'll throw my recommendation in the pot and suggest you listen to some stand-mount British monitors like the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6. I've heard these and the Revel F206 and the Stirlings had superior tone, midrange and imaging.
The Janzen is a true electrostatic speaker. Ribbon?
sunnyjim, you may have checked a different speaker.  The Janszen models are hybrids with electrostatic mid-tweeters and dynamic woofers.  Check their site at the link I provided.

And while not frequent, used ones have turned up a few times.
Devore O/93's are the best speaker I've heard at anywhere near it's price.  Based on what your initial post states, there are few speakers that provide as much emotion as these do.  They do everything right and play every kind of music you can throw at them.  They are not as well known as they brands you have in the running, but are better in every way if you want "real music" coming out of  your speakers.  They have been runner up in Stereophile products of the year for 2 years in a row going up against cost no object speakers.
SuunyJim, I can't recall if I've ever been told I'm outstanding so I'll wear it as long as I can. 😜
On an aside, I checked out the price and noticed that it's gone up about $1K so that puts it close to the limits you placed. Anyway, Elliot is great to talk to and he happens to be in Studio City which is quite a ways closer than Ventura.
Either way you go, Elliot is a great resource.

All the best,
SJ - I have Vandersteens and think they sound like music.  Call John Rutan at AudioConnection in New Jersey....   He is very knowledgeable, sells everything and is always anxious to share info. 

To  Helomech: I did ask my best friend to recommend a wife. He did and 2 years later he married her.  What can you do??   LOL

I will check the Stirling LS Broadcast 3/6. However, I never was a big fan of the famous amd original  lunch box size speaker the  LS 3/5 A  or any of its knockoffs made by Harbeth, Spendor, KEF, etc.

Thanks again to all members who responded since may last reply.  S.J


It's true that sometimes our friends know what's best for us. 

The LS3/6 is about equivalent in size to the Harbeth SHL5, much larger than the LS3/5a, but I can understand your aversion to the overall look, they don't qualify as show pieces compared to some other brands. Though, the key to their sound quality is the wide baffle and thin wall cabinets. 
Just before I retired I got my final pair of speakers manufacturer-direct . You will hate yourself if you don't at least listen to Spatial Audio's Hologram M3 Turbo S with a 4 ohm impedance or his M3 Triode Master with 16 ohm impedance and better tweeter for tube amps . Return them if you don't love them . Mine are staying . Overall most satisfying speakers I've heard at any price . Made a mockery of my upgraded Klipsch RF 5's on all counts  . They are even better for movie night than with music and that's saying something considering how fine music sounds through them .He makes higher priced speakers if you consider these too affordable .
Check reviews , I wish you harmony and peace .    Joe B
About a year ago I purchased the PSB T-3.  I just love them.  Very smooth, non-fatiguing, detailed.  I could listen to them all day.
I think the Revel Performa 3 F206 is the best choice. I have listened to all the Revels in their line of floor standing speakers and just bought their Revel Performa 3 F208's and a C208 for my center. They are an outstanding value. A bit of shopping and you can likely find a deal on them. 

i strongly concur on Revel. Nothing compares at this price point. IMO
Built the Linkwitz LX521 and it WILL be the last loudspeaker you will ever want to own.  It murders everything else listed here.  The whole project will probably run you about $4000.   If you don't have access to a wood shop, you can buy a pre-cut cabinet kit from Madisound.  And even if you don't have the ability to assemble it, you can easily have a local cabinet maker assemble it for a reasonable amount.

Look for the Linkwitz discussion forum and ask around to find someone in your area who has a set for you to hear.  Or just take my word for it.  Read up on it around the Internet.  It's the equal of speaker systems in the $50k to $100k range.

Or you can buy your speakers like you buy a car and always wonder what could have been...
I found a used pair of Revel F208's for around 2800.  They have quite a bit more presence than the F206's and you can get pristine used ones if you wait around a little, which you're doing anyway.

Used speakers are a good deal.  If all the speakers work, they generally sound like new.
Check out the Tekton Double Impact thread. 
All 1000+ posts.  You might really miss out by not adding this to your list
Hi Sunnyjim,
I am not sure what your budget is. It seems like you are moving up from speakers that are in the $1,500 range.  The speakers you are looking at retail on the high end at round 7k - so if that's your ceiling and you are looking at a used market then you should be looking at speakers that retail 10k+. You also want to try to get speakers that cover as much of the frequency response as possible, this is not a guarantee for the best sound for you,  but narrows your choices down to get the best value.
That said, Sonus Faber Cremonas very versatile, musical- originals the best over the M's
DeVore particularly Silverbacks - rarely come up on used market, best frequency response range. might want to consider Eaglestoworks Nines.
I hope this helps Good Luck

I was happy with the A P Scorpio II   The Virgo does not the bass ability and the Tempo is just a smaller Scorpio
Go with the Polks , Spend about 500 bucks . Great sound with a tube amp !

I've been an audio professional since the early 1970s, and tend to focus my career in the performance area. I am the technical director for a local professional orchestra to keep an active relationship with live music. I've always faced the dilemma to determine the "best speakers" for a specific system. Since over 60% of what you hear is reflections and not "the" speaker - that has become my starting point. Before the emotions and hormones kick in - get a realistic grip on your budget. Then focus on application - the type and desired volume of your preferred performance. Tailor that to practical realism (wife acceptance factor, neighbors, etc.). Then you can develop a plan and research toward fulfillment. People always ask me and I have B&W Matrix 2, McIntosh electronics, and a tuned room. But that's just me and it took 27 years to get there! A lot of people enjoy daily all the speakers that have been mentioned. Just remember - it should be a balanced that includes the environment. Good luck.

Well it seems most response denote their price point and all I can say is that there is certainly quality to every price point and most of these people are telling you Revel this or that and for them it worked but they probably can't afford a better speaker.  

What is your budget?  You ask a question without details leaves everyone guessing. 

my two cents:  Focal & B&W are simply where it is at.  Spendor (D7 & D9) are quite special, but you need Money for all three!  I am not talking that cheap product you can get at your box stores.  The wife loves Focal and most of our listeners are blown away.  The clarity and precision of the music is amazing.  

I wouldnt buy anything without listening to them first! 
most of these people are telling you Revel this or that and for them it worked but they probably can't afford a better speaker.


Not to detract from Focal and B&W, but to dis Revel as a low budget option in favor of Focal or B&W is absurd.  

As 4425 and several others here have already said, The F206 is a great choice and F208 even better if you have the room and can find a nice used pair.  You've heard them and liked them.....I'd say look no further.  You will spend lots of time and headache trying to exceed the F206 or F208 within your budget.

To helomech I checked out a few reviews of the Spendor LS3/6.  and also their website. They have  a published high-end spec to 17,000HZ.  That is no better than a Large Advent or Dynaco A-25.  In addition, some of the reviews were problematic about playing them at high volume, and losing accuracy.  Actually, the Spendor SB88 reviewed better ( are they still current?? )

To Nonoise (who recommended the Prana 5090), the Von Schweikert  VR-22 has received excellent reviews.  It is a two way floor stander  that sells factory direct for $2895. VSA offers a 90 day home trial. Does any one either own them or heard them at a friend's house??   This may become the dark horse in the quest.    

To those who recommended Sonus Faber Elipse SE and 2 other models, there is a pair of SF's Cremona on AG.  (They are not the "M"  model)  I believe they sell for $3600.   Beautiful speaker, but they weigh approx. 85 lbs each.  Thanks to all who have responded  Your recommendation have been very helpful 

Have a nice holiday.   S.J. 

I haven't heard the Von Schweikert Vr-22 but at that price, I'd give them a listen. At the same price, you can add the Clearwave Duet 6 monitors as well. I have them and am quite fond of them. All I can say is to listen to as many as you can before deciding.

All the best,

To nonoise,  Thanks again for the recommendation. BTW, you signed off as  "NoNose"  ( I hope not)   

Regards,  Sunnyjim

I own the VSA VR-33.  A very nice speaker.  My Tekton Double  Impacts are better by every measure.  And the DI's were less expensive. 

To corelli,  I will definitely  check it out  

Thanks for the recommendation  S.J..  

To corelli,  i checked out the Tekton  "Double Impact" speakers.  Unfortunately they are to big for my space and too heavy too move around.  However, they recently released several new models, one being the "IMPACT"  also the Enzo.   The Impact seems more manageable in size and also looks better especially in Red gloss.   Thanks, S.J.  
If space is an issue check out what "giantsalami" did as posted on the Double Impact thread.
Thought this was an imaginative way to work in a small space.