Need adice on selling hubby's estate: Yamaha M-65 & Yamaha C-65 amps

I’ve been working slowly at selling my husband’s estate and today I have a question about his Yamaha M-65 Natural Sound Stereo Power Amplifier, Yamaha C-65 Natural Sound Stereo Control Amplifier and  Yamaha T-700 Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner.
He bought these in college (he’s the original owner) and even tho he’s purchased other components since, he still had these hooked up to his stereo system so I’m sure he was still using them. (They all power on and light up.) He was awfully fussy about how his music sounded so I ca’t imagine he would have them hooked up if there was anything wrong with them. Any components that did not work were relegated to the basement.
Should I sell the amps as a pair since I’ve read that they’re best when used together? Or not? Should I go one step further and sell all 3 as a set?
(I have the Owner’s Manual for all 3 and there is nary a crease or mark on any of them. Same with the components themselves. He really babied these objects.)
I'd try as a set first, but you might get more if sold separately, hard to say. 
Or try to sell all separately at the same time, most likely somebody would either want the preamp, the power amp or the tuner.


list them together as a package with a bundled price, but also with prices for each individual piece

tuners are out of style nowadays but there are some older gear heads who are still really into them

the preamp and power amp should sell easily if priced fairly

good luck
Not to be a downer, but this question brings up a topic most of us do not want to think about. When considering the question, I look to the equipment in my system and what would happen to it if something happens to me. Some of the gear has a fair amount of value.

How many of us have accounted for this in or wills and estate planning? I know my family would have no idea what to do, how to sell, or even what it is all potenitally worth. This does not even account for boxing it all up (I have original packaging for everything) and getting it shipped off. 

As this seems to be a hobby for dudes that are getting older now, perhaps it is something to consider. 

List all three at once with a set price for each piece. Then, offer all 3 together as a set, for a discount of a certain percentage of the total price. 10%, 20%, etc. 
It work’s. 😉