Need Adcom GFA-565se info

Does anyone know if this model runs into class A for say the first 12 watts like Parasound. And is it stable into 2 ohms? As specs doesn't give any 2 ohms power ratings.
contact Adcom and ask them......then you will know for sure.
No class A and not stable into 2 ohms. Checkout the manual!
Very few amps are stable into 2 ohms, you’d have to look into truly high end stuff. Maybe Pass Labs, Krell, Conrad Johnson. But you may not need 2 ohm stable. Why are you asking for this rating in an amp? Very few speakers dip down into 2 ohms, I can think of an older model of Infinity speakers.

It might be cheaper for you to ask what  owners of your speakers are having success with in amplifiers as well.
On page 9 of the user manual:
All loudspeaker systems having a nominal impedance down to 2 ohms can be connected to, and driven by, the GFA-565SE. The GFA-565SE can drive these low impedances at more than adequate power levels with no difficulty. lt should be noted here that many loudspeaker systems which are rated, nominally, at 4 ohms drop in impedance, in some parts of their frequency range, to as low as 2 ohms (and some others to even less than 2 ohms). You will not experience difficulties even with these very-low-impedance loads.
My guess is 8-10 watt in class A, you can ask Adcom:

I don't think that what Adcom is describing in their manual equates to being 2 ohm stable.  The OP should describe why specifically he wants an amp that is 2 ohm stable.  

I suspect he might not really need that.
The esl dip to 1.6 ohms but that's in the highs. Amps that are stable in 2 ohms usually  are robust and can handle reactive loads. If amp not clipping  then sound from speaker will sound it's best.