Need a warm amp for bright speakers

So when I bought my system some time ago I made some mistakes being this the first time I ever ventured out doing this. I bought Paradigm Monitor 9 v5 and a Pioneer VSX21TXH. Surrounding speakers aer all Monitors backs are Titan v5 and center is a 290 I believe v6. The SVS kills though. The fronts do get very bright when pushed especially with metal that I listen to and it is VERY BRIGHT. Without redoing my whole system is there a way I can tame this problem? Use my Pioneer for maybe center and rears and processing and a dedicated amp for the fornts? If so what should I shoot for? I hear NAD is a good warm amp. I don't want to sell or get rid of the Paradigms because getting all new speakers would be far costlier than a dedicated amp. However I am a little skeptical that I can solve this with just and amp. All ears open for a relative newbie.
Oh my goodness, are you confused about what to do yet?

I have been in the hobby for 2 years. In that time, I started with Paradigm Mini Monitors V.6 (loved them!!), went to Studio 10's, 20's,60's,back to 20's (all V.5) then 40's (V.4), so I know that paradigm sound quite well. I ran them with an integrated Onkyo, an Adcom 545mkII, and then a Classe CA-150. I used the Onkyo as a pre amp with the adcom, then a Classe ssp-25 with the adcom, then the Classe ssp-25 with a classe ca-150, then a lightspeed attenuator with the classe ca-150. I also used different cables along the way.

Guess what. All the different set-ups sounded too bright.

I love Paradigms build quality and looks, but sound...not so sure.

The monitor series v5 and v6 are better than v7 imho. V7 is the first version I am aware of that is built in china. Look at the difference in cabinet construction and driver quality between v6 and v7.

Sooooo, how do you fix the problem? Not quite sure. I'd start with taking a kleenex or piece of toilet paper, fold it up into a nice square and layer it over your tweeter. Just tape itaround the face plate carefully, and don't push in your tweeters :-) this is free, easy to do, and you already have the matrrials.

Next, I would try changing the crossovers in just your front right and left main speakers. Call madisound and tell them you want to tame the highs. I think you could ugrade the sound acrss the board AND tame the highs, with cap upgrades on the crossover. You probably looking at $200 this route.

Another option would be to try a tube amp.

Another option, possibly the best and most "for sure" way of fixing the problem would be to sell your speakers (if you have the packing materials and boxes, thats a plus) and go with something more laid back. I had good results with Sinclaire Audio (budget speakers, made in china, but sound good), Kef qx5's, and Vandersteen 2ci speakers. All have good bass, aren't nearly as hot in the highs, and can rock the house, so to speak.

I think if you go chasing cables, amps, pre amps, you are just putting band aids on the real issue, which are your speakers. Change the crossovers in the speakers or sell them and buy different ones...
Mmartin..., let us know how you make out. As B_limo said, you've got so many divergent opinions, you may be totally confused.

Look ... whatever you do, take it one step at a time. I would start with the least expensive and easiest to-change-out first and then work your through the problem until you find the solution. I would try to borrow gear before buying if at all possible.
I second Ralphs idea about the tube amp,that and a cable swap would be a good way to go/start.Check out the,good luck,Bob
I had paradigm speakers(Studio 100 V-2) and after spending time and money . Came to realize that to get good 2 channel music SQ ,,I had to get different speakers. I liked the paradigms for HT ,but not for music.I bought a pair of good speakers and have been happy with them. You are attempting to turn a donkey into a race horse.You will always be less than happy with the results. IMHO
Something else to consider would be room treatments. Room reflections cause havoc, especially when the volume is cranked up.