Need a transport solution-Suggestions? PC based?

I recently bought a Bel Canto DAC2 (as many of you many have read). Now I need a transport that won't break the bank. Someone I considered buying the DAC from suggested a PC based transport. I've spent some time at my dealers, but I left feeling frustrated and fatigued. I know I love the Linn Ikemi as a transport, but that is out of my price range. Any suggestions on what to listen to? Anyone built a PC based transport?
Empirical Audio does a $500 transport mod to the Sony DVP-S7000 ($150-$200 used) which they claim performs with world class transports. Worth a call to Steve Nugent to investigate.
Doesn't Bel Canto still recommend an inexpensive DVD player as a transport? I know there are some favorable comments and even a review on Positive Feedback about an NEC cd rom drive as a transport but I would be skeptical about it.
They do, but it's not ideal. A good quality transport will out perform the recommended DVD player by quite a bit.
Someone sells a PC based transport direct mail, but I can't recall. I think it's right here in the archives or in Audiocircle. I think it's here. No, it's Audiocircle. Maybe it's here...
I highly recommend a used Meridian 500. Great build, great sound. I had one I used for about a year and found it very nice.

Good luck.
Keep in mind that a transport has parts that wear out. Any used CDP or transport is going to be a bit of a crapshoot. That said, there is a Pioneer based EAD transport and a Pioneer PD-65 for sale now on Audiogon. Theta and Wadia (for the 830/301) both chose to use the Pioneer transport which seems to me to be a very good recommendation. Supposedly the Ack dAck people have an inexpensive transport coming out in a few months. A used Audio Note level one or two might be worth a look. Also see my comment on your original post regarding the Vecteur. There are some threads about inexpensive tranports on AA. I suggest you check there. I have zero enthusiasm for PC, DVD, or SACD based transports.