Need a transport recommendation

My current CDP is over 8 years old and slowly I'm having problems with it. Just bought a new TeddyDAC and am thrilled with it's analog sound but now need some recommendations on a great sounding transport. Are Esoteric transports worth the $$$? Have never listened to one transport vs. another so don't have much experience here.
I just purchased a Esoteric UX-3 from a dealer, it was their demo. I contacted Esoteric and they said full warranty, no worries. I then asked about repairs, this is an expensive CDP and I am not a fan of disposable equipment. They were a bit surprised that I even suggested that they may not be able to affect repairs in the long distance future. They said that they have repaired items that are over 20 years old. So to me the advantage of the Esoteric is not just that I really like the sound, but that it is a company that really takes pride in thier products and expects to service them for a long time.
Esoteric makes awesome transports !!
Other really good ones are CEC TL1 and 47 Labs Flatfish
CEC TL-1x. Beautiful sound, beautiful unit and they last forever. Can be repaired in US.

PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport (PWT) is probably the best sounding transport at anywhere near it's price. It use an inexpensive CD Rom drive to buffer and play back from memory. Since it uses a computer drive it will never be expensive to replace or be difficult to get a new drive if it fails.
The PS Audio PWT sounds exceptionally natural, open and transparent. The use of buffer and memory storage is well implemented, highly recmmended. Top level performance for a quite reasonable cost.
Erik, Charles, have either of you had an opportunity to compare the PWT to well-regarded transports of yesteryear or today?
I did`nt make any direct comparisons to those top tier transports. It was`nt necessary as either a component sounds good or it does`nt. To my ears it was wonderful. You can read a comparison review by Grateful(PWT vs Acoustic Art Transport) ot find post by Sgr who compared it to his Mark Levinson transport. There`re other opinions in the archieves.
No sorry I haven't but there are plenty of folks that have.