Need a transport for EAD 9000pro III

I've recently aquired an EAD 9000pro III dac and would like some recommendations for a transport in the under 1500. dollar range. It would be nice to have st optical out. The one I've been unsuccessfully looking for is a Wadia 2000. Any sugguestions?
Wrong combination.Try to find an Ultradisk 2000 Transport or a T 7000 or 8000.Send your dac down to Boelen Electornics get both the Dac and transport modded and there is nothing out there that will beat it.
Do you have a preference between the three?
I saw a couple of T1000's for sale but what I read about them said they lacked dynamics and were less that desirable overall. I noticed you didn't recommend one.
try Theta data 3 or Wadia 20 or stretch budget for Levinson 37 or look for the proceed cdd which is supposedly the Levinson 37 in a proceed box but much cheaper like $800 used is probably the best for the money but difficult to locate.
Well I bought a proceed ccd tonight, and will keep looking for an EAD to compare. I'd still like something with an ST out.
Rloggie the proceed should be excellent 1 suggestion I would agree with above regarding the ead 1000 transport don't bother with it the 7000 is much better having owned both previously I believe the proceed is better than the 7000 but never have heard the proceed personally but people I trust their opinion say it's definitely better anyway.