Need a subwoofer reccomendation.....


My former subwoofer, the Klipsch RW-12d blew its amp board after only 3 years of very "light" work. Just slightly out of warranty, too. After some discussions with Klipsch, I was told a new amp board would cost $256 plus S&H costs both ways or I could drop it off at their local repair facility to save some money in Holland, MI.

I am in Dallas, TX.

Yeah. Since the entire subwoofer only cost $350 through Newegg (on Super sale on one Saturday only), I am not about to pay that kind of money to repair it. Incidentally, I would also like to say the Klipsch tech's attitude was very...un-Klipsch like if you remember Klipsch from back in the day as I do. I point blank asked him if they'd been acquired by Pioneer :) I mention this so that people that might be looking at Klipsch gear right now know that certain things have changed there in just the last few years so...buyer beware.

On to my question...I need a new sub (not THAT kind of sub) and my price range is around $500. I can stretch to $600 if I have to but my wife will start really yelling if I go above $500.

I have conferred with a couple of close friends and we are mostly in agreement and I am staring at the HSU models in that range as well as the Sunfire models. Sunfire makes both a $500 sub and a $600 one but if memory serves, I heard they were having some QC problems when they first came out. Did they ever get those issues cleared up? I am very happy to see they offer a 5 year warranty on all their subs (which is a lot considering you potentially can abuse both an amp and a speaker if you screw around).

The blown Klipsch worked fine in my media room. Here are the specifics....

20x20x13 in feet so a lot of cubic space to fill. The rest of the system is beautiful vintage equipment....

B&K ST-202+ Sonata amp (1993), matching B&K Pro-10 MC Sonata preamp, Oppo Digital BDP-105 as the source, and Monitor Audio Silver RS 8 speakers (10 years old now, I guess they are vintage, too).

You would not believe how beautiful this system sounds. would not REALLY want to listen to a string quartet on it (though you could, the B&K gear DOES have that "soft" tube-like much as you can get from MOSFET electronics) but it truly shines with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, pretty much all electronic dance music (I drove my wife out of the room playing Chemical Bothers over and over), and it does not do bad at all with large classical pieces like Beethoven's 9th. I highly recommend those Monitor Audio speakers.

But in the end, in a room that size, it was just missing a little punch on the lower end. And a subwoofer is the answer unless I wish to break down the whole system and start over with something more powerful. I can hear my wife screaming even as I type that.

So, HSU, Sunfire, and I am open to any other suggestions you all may have for subs in the $500-$600 range that will will blend nicely with electronics like that, in a room that size.

Thanks for any and all replies...

I agree with high bouncer...You have a beautiful vintage MUSIC system and should add a modest "musical" sub!
REL shows up often on the Gon and mostly because people are going higher in the brand's range...
A little patience and barter and you will walk away with a great deal that may be under warranty still! If you go this route save up for their new cables...
A new warranty is nothing to sneeze at but the sound is what a system like yours would benefit from!

Good luck,

Grab that Bag End Infrasub 18 for $450. Problem solved for big room bass under your budget. Your wife might leave for good though.
I recommend that (now) is the time you really need to focus on your room and be confident in your listening skills. You can spend $k's of dollars on equipment, but you'll never achieve total satisfaction until you've done your due diligence regarding the two things I mentioned above. Spend hours refining your listening skills and introducing different room acoustic treatments while evaluating them. While not sexy and a lot of work, you will be amazed at the rewards and money saved down the road. Buying new equipment will only result in you not really knowing what you may or may not need.
This idea of running the OPPO straight to the amp never occurred to me! Yes, in retrospect, I know it can be done, there is very little an OPPO cannot do but I just never put 2 and 2 together on this one. I guess I am getting old. I saw a blown component and thought, "Blown sub, need a new sub."

Huh. I do NOT think it is a weird suggestion at all. Suggestions like this are why I asked. It is a part of getting older, I suppose. Stuff like this does not occur to you. Thanks to you both for the suggestion!