Need a Sub Cable...

Just Purchased a Martin Logan Depth sub. Would some one please recommend a sub cable.

To me the most important factor is rejection of noise, such as EMI and RF. Low frequencies are more easily handled by cables in my experience. In addition, long runs are more prone to interference. Recently I used a Belden cable from Blue Jeans cable for a 30 foot run with great results. Low noise floor, great definition and affordable. Good luck!
I wouldn't go too esoteric here. As mentioned, it needs to do a couple of things competently. If a cable is being marketed as a "subwoofer" specific cable, IMO you'll pay extra. I've tried numerous cables for this application and found the MAS Gray I/C worked the best for me on the two important levels; it sends a clean signal and it's affordable.
DH Labs Subsonic. Good and reasonable price.
Any other recommendations? I'm looking for a sub cable myself (RCA) so am following this thread with much interest. Anyone try the Nordost sub cable? I had a pair of the Blue Heavens in my systems that were just a tad bright, but the bass was superb. Curious if their sub cable is this good.
I second the DH Labs Subsonic!
I just built a Pair of 15 footer's for $60. Great so far!!