Need a step up transformer and DC power supply

Has anyone tried the SOLO MC tubed step up transformer by Audio Experience. I use a Clearaudio sigma 0.6 mV with a Herron MM phono preamp connected to a transformer volume control. I would like a bit more gain but not sacrifice any PRAT. The rest of my setup is a custom built Teres turntable with a Clearaudio TQ-1 tonearm, Joule Electra 160 monoblocks and Merlin VSM-M speakers. Right now the system is down because the transformer for the turntable motor took a powder but I will have a new one soon. Any thoughts on a transformer upgrade for the turntable motor which is DC would also be helpfull as well. I have been looking at the upgraded power supply and motor controller sold by Audio Revelations but am open to suggestions. The DC motor itself is from Teres and it is working well and I plan on using it . Will be back to analog soon , I hope and in the mean time CD's will have to do. Thanks Again
I would try Origin Live for the DC transformer and Jensen Transformers for the step-up device. Jensen makes moving coil tranformers for Audio Research and balancing transformers for Rowland Research as well as many others. They will sell direct to the customer.
I've not heard the Jensen transformer alone. The best I've heard personally are the Bent Audio 103's which use Stevens and Billington trannies and the K & K Audio using Lundahl for a bit cheaper.

Kudos on the Herron. It is a very nice phono stage. If I hadn't already pruchased and been THRILLED with my K & K phono stage, I'd likely have gone with the Herron to match my VTSP 1-A linestage.

I would like to hear sometime from a person who has done a practical and personal comparison of several different DC units as I'd like to consider implementing one myself.
Thank you both for the advice . I like the idea of a tubed step up transformer but I forgot about Bent Audio as a source for S&B transformers. If this SOLO turns out to be less than great maybe I can modify it with a S&B 103. The origin upgrade sounds like one of my few choices so I will give it a shot. I would still like to hear from anyone who has used the SOLO set up. Thanks Again