Need a speak/amp compatibility opinion.......

Recently purchased a Balanced Audio system. BAT500 w/VK40 preamp. Am considering the Aerial Acoustics - Model 6, used, as an interum speaker untill the finances perk up, if you know what i mean.
Anyone familiar with compatability between these products ??
Any comments or thoughs on these Aerials......Thanks
I may be fuzzy on this, but didn't Kelly design the 6 for front-wall positioning after much feedback re the too-strong bass of the 10, 8 and 7b models? If so, you might find the 6 a bit anemic out in the room. The 7b might be a better choice. Ern
ernie: gosh, i'm flattered, but i've NEVER designed a speaker. and, i didn't stay at a holiday inn express last nite ....ummmm, could this, maybe, be a different kelly? ; >)

- (the other) kelly
With BAT electronics, any speaker will sound fantastic, even Polks.
I own the model 6's and have been quite happy with them. They do need power though - they are not incredibly efficient. One of the best things about them though that most people overlook is the 3 way design. Most comparable loudspeakers (smaller towers) are two way. The sound is accurate, non-fatiguing, and with great imaging. Many people say they are not warm, but I can tell you they are definitely not bright either; I think neutral is the word. My favorite aspect of their sound is that they are "tight" (my words) - unlike some other speakers which sound great with acoustical music but take on a boxier sound when played loudly, the Aerials just don't lose their cool. They are solid. I have not heard them with BAT equipment; only Rowland and Levinson (both sounded great). As for the first poster's comments about them being "anemic," I disagree. I have them in a large (12 X 14 X 8) room more than 3 feet from the walls. The bass is flat down to 40 Hz and then some (measured). Remember, with a 3 way design that 7 inch woofer is just concentrating on the bass, unlike two ways where a 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 is also doubling for midrange.