Need a source to play Websites w/o a computer?

I need some kind of source to play website radio(not XM or such as XM). I mean radio stations that have streaming available through the web. Needs to be simple for an old geezer to use. It should be able to plug into my Ayon CD7S just like a computer via USB or whatever as long as it can get the websites. Is there such an animal?

I found this online...

I've never heard one so I can't vouch for the sound quality, however it looks like it'll accomplish the task nicely (30k+ online radio stations). The Grace tuner does have a digital coax output that you can use with the CD7S coax input (switchable between USB and coax on the back of the CD7S). Let us know how it turns out ;)

Magnum Dynalab Internet tuners allow you to enter any URL for streaming. See:

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