Need a solution desperately

I recieved two new Tara Labs The ONEs PCs from this site. On that day, there happended to be a power surge. I eagerly inserted the new PCs on my CDP and Pre. No sound from the right channel (from this point referred to as NSFTRC). The meters on my Mac C500T pre and MC402 power were illuminated but the meters weren't moving from the right. I assumed it was the pre amp. Brought it into a store and both channels were working perfectly. Brought it home, inserted all the cables - NSFTRC. I was told it may be my ICs (PAD Venustas balanced). Switched all of the ICs around - NSFTRC in every case. I assumed that it must be my CDP (ARC CD3 mkii). Brought it into the store, all worked well in unbalanced mode. Decided to splurge on an Ayre C-5 XEmp while I was there. Brought home the Ayre - NSFRTC. I reveresed the speaker cables into the opposite speaker to determine if my right speaker was at fault - no sound from the left speaker. Switched the speakers cables from the 4ohm terminals to 8ohm - NSFTRC. Must be the power amp. I brought home a loaner MF M6 power amp to insert into my system to determine if it was my Mac - NSFRTC. Switched the speakers cables entirely (PAD Proteus) - NSFRTC. Spent more time switching ICs, swapped with older ICs -.....I am unable to get music from the right channel.

Have I overlooked anything???????????
Its the umbilical cords between the two units of the C500. That was the problem!
Congratulations- glad you nailed it down. These things can be so frustrating, as we all know.
So, how do you like your TARA Labs The One PC's?