Need a Solid State Amp for my Montana EPS

Any suggestion of solid state amp for my Montana Eps.
Pre-amp Modulus 3, Ps Audio Lambda Transport, Room 15x24.
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I own Montana SPIIs. The best (music) amps I've heard on them are my Pass Aleph 2s, or my Pass Aleph 60s.
The soft dome tweeters need a detailed amp to sound their best - in my opinion.
I've used these amps with the Adcom GFP 750, Aleph P, and Pass X1 preamps.
My room is the same size as yours. I haven't clipped either amp, but I don't listen really loud......
kevinatthesoundstationdotcom is an excellent and very knowledgeable source for getting the most from any of the Montana speakers.
Well, my friend has Montana SP II (these are now discontiued) & he drives his speakers with RAM Labs (Roger Modjeski) RM-9 with great results. The EL34s have a really nice midrange.
I visited somebody else last Sept. who owns the Montana WAS speakers (I've never seen such a huge loudspeaker in a home environment!!) & this fellow was driving his speakers with PBN/Montana's Sierra Audio's amp. He had 2 of these amps so it was a mono block config. The amp that he is using is not yet on the PBN website - it was a bigger amp than the Everest. The name escapes me right now but I have the electrical schematic & discussion on it @ home. I think that this fellow has a late beta prototype. Something like 400 or 500W/ch, class-A. Super expensive (well, this guy had some money to throw!!).

Looks like the EPS are 92dB efficient so you could get away with a 100W/ch type amp. Try to get hold of a pure class-A amp (maybe the Sierra Audio Denali?) or a Pass Aleph or something else. You won't regret it! The class-A amps have a certain magic.
The Sierra Audio, Denali or even the smaller Whitney model (which are built by the same people as the speaker) work real well with EPS's. They'll bring out the detail, resolution and dynamics that the speaker can reproduce. If you really want to step up, there's an Olympia amp out (by PBN) that will put your sound in a whole other league.
Adcom 5802 modified by Stan Warren.
Crest Audio makes very powerful amps that sound very good at a more reasonable price Greg