Need a SACD/Redbook player

I need a CD player recommendation. I have gone back to vinyl but have hundreds of CDs and 30+ SACDs. Many of my recordings are not available on LPs.
My short list:
Modwright Sony 5400
Modwright Oppo 83se or 95.
Marantz Sa-7s1.
Or ?
Trying to keep this under 3k.
I still have a Sony C-555ES 5 disk player for party music but would like a more up to date single drawer player.
Thanks for your advise!
Modwright Sony 5400 Full Tube Mod...that's what I would buy and I am going to when I can afford one.
You don't mention budget, what about Ayre C5xe-mp?
Save your CD's in Lossless or FLAC format to a computer or an Apple TV, get yourself a good DAC, and save your money. CDs are going away fast........
under 3K? I'd put the Esoteric's on your list. The DV50s is killer for 1500 used...dv60 and UX3 are also better little more money...
I don't listen to a lot of CD's since getting more heavily into vinyl a few years ago, but do have an SACD collection that gets a fair amount of use. About 10 years ago I bought a Marantz SA-14, it has problems with a few SACD's but I have the Sony C222es for those. In ten years or so of a lot of use, there have been no problems with transport, laser, or anything else. There are undoubtedly other and better one's out there. This one so far has been bullet proof for me, if that helps.
I own the Marantz SA 803 (since superceded by 804 but with same DA Chip--two channel only),
Sony ES 5400, and Pioneer Elite 59 AVi. I am not sure if the Pioneer is still available but it is the best of the 3 and plays DVD-A. The other two aren't bad either.
I would investigate the Oppo products as well, but I have no experience with them.
I would do the modwright sony without hesitation.

Given what you say your needs are, I'd check out the new Oppo B-95....brand new for $999. I have digital costing six times that and I encouraged a friend to buy one. He has a lower end hifi system and LOVES the Oppo. It replaced his Theta DAC.
The C5xemp is quite wonderful..especially in balanced config.