Need a Roon, Wifi, DAC Expert Please!

I am currently running Roon/Tidal on my iMac over wifi to a Squeezebox server (Logitech Transporter). From there, if the file is 24/48 or less, it goes to a an upgraded Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 DAC for processing. If higher res or MQA, I let the DAC in the Transporter do the work. From the DACs, I run into an upgraded Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 into PrimaLuna HP monoblocks (KT150 tubes/triode mode) into Wilson Audio Sabrinas in a near-field position. The system sounds fantastic, however I believe it could sound even better with modern components.

I want to take full advantage of Roon/Tidal and use one box for all the DAC work (and music server work if possible) and I want to stay wifi as I can’t run ethernet from the router to the where the stereo is located. Many of the DACs I would be interested in (PS Audio, for example) require ethernet to take full advantage of their capability.  I need a wifi solution.

What’s your recommendation on the best way to accomplish this? I am open to any feedback!
I recently heard the Aurelic G2 server at Brooks Berdan in Monrovia (Los Angeles area). They told me a few things about it that sounded interesting on how it worked. Aurelic is a proponent of using Wifi over Ethernet. They (Aurelic) say the Ethernet can pollute with noise into the DAC.

You should check out the Aurelic site. I am thinking of getting one of their newer high end streamers to use wifi instead of the copper house wires I use for a system many rooms away from my music server.
jrader we are a major dealer in streaming and computer audio with one of the lagest collections of digital equipment in the USA:

We have on active display: Aurdender, Baetis, Naim, Lumin, Mytek, T+A, Bluesound. Nad Masters, Aqua Hifi, Nuprime, Inuous, and we are looking at adding Auralic again, we were dealers for them years ago.

As per having to use ethernet there is a very simple solution, a Netgear  wireless extender, this is  a $59 device that creates an ethernet  connection off of your existing wireless network.

We have used it sucessfully with many high performance streamers and it works like a charm. 

As per Wifi over ethenet being better, there are severs like the Inuous that have extensive ethernet noise filters built in. 

So right now there are companies who claim etherent is faster and more robust, others who favor wifi, and others who favor USB.

So it will come down to these factors:

1: Price 
2: Do you want a server with a separate dac which offers the most flexibility to upgrade or do you favor a one box solution?
3: Features built in preamp, digital or analog inputs, Mqa, 

Hope this helps.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

I few observations:

1.  Your Imac is the server
2.  The Transporter is acting as a Roon Endpoint
3.  Roon is emulating Logitech Media Server (LMS) to allow the Transporter to function as an Endpoint.
4.  The Transporter does not support MQA natively yet. (could be wrong)
5.  If Four is true, than the Roon software is decoding the MQA Package and sending it to the Transporter as either 24/96 or 24/192.
6.  The  AKM AK4396 DAC in the Transporter does support 24/192, but I do not know if anybody has written a plugin/Hack yet to turn it on.  I have a few SB Touches that do have the 24/192 Plugin/Hack.

Hope this helps.  I have no suggestion for a Player that fits your criteria.  You could always use a WiFi Bridge to get a "Hard Wired Connection" to a non-WiFi player.

This was all very helpful - thank you much!! 

yyzsantabarbara... I am looking at the Aurelic as an option. They seem to be doing many things well!

audiotroy... the idea of an extender may be a good option for me. It should allow more options for DACs and a streamer would no longer be needed. If an extender is not used, the second option would be a dedicated streamer that would pass all the formats and work well with Roon and allow me more choices for DACs. I am also considering that possibility.

prpixel.... thanks for the great explanation - was very helpful. I know I've streamed 24/192 files to the Transporter when using the LMS Server, but wasn't sure the same was happening with Roon. The wifi bridge seems to be the solution that would give me more DAC options for choose from. 

I just ordered a Sim Moon 780D v2, Roon-ready and MQA-capable via Bluetooth and 8 other digital input capabilities. With its own proprietary MiND streamer, it offers built-in Tidal access.  I play mostly redbook cd's (yes, I know, I know), and it's the only DAC out of many I've lately auditioned that made me update from my beloved Wadia factory-modded S7i. Yes, it's that good.