Need a repair shop for tube amp Detrioit-Toledo

I have a Golden tube audio |SE 40 that I thinks needs rebaised,. Also a western electric tube CD player with output issues. I have contacted most in phone book and they are not interested unless they sell the product. Any names of good shops or techs greatly appreciated. |Thanks| Jeff
browse forums and see if you can rebiase yourself. there are also lots of reading material on troubleshooting and modifying amp for better reliability and performance.
did you audibly test your tubes by swapping between channels? how do you know you need rebias? search resources. please check also output tubes of your cd player by swapping with good ones before taking decision to send it to techie. shipping your amp to any decent repair facility may cost you over $100 for $350 amp + repair costs.
If you are not able to find someone send me a PM. I know a tech in Toledo that has been working on tube gear for about 50 years. He is retired now, but may be interested.
I have a bias harness in one the boxes for my Golden tube but not sure how to go about it. I was hoping a local tech could do this and maybe explain it for my future reference. I did change the tubes in the CD player and am trying this out soon.