Need a remote control for my Audio Research CD1 CD Player

Can anyone help me? I need a remote control for my AR CD1 player. I have tried to contact Audio research for help--once by email and once by phone where I was forced to leave a voice mail. Their customer support seems to be a little slow in my case.

Anyway, I thought I would ask for advise or assistance on possibly getting a replacement through other channels prior to me finally tracking down AR. If you can help I am all ears and appreciate any assistance.

Audio research may be a touch slow to respond, but they will.  I have had excellent service from them on several occasions.  Try reaching Kalvin Dahl Via the voice directory on the phone.

good luck!
@marktomaras I've had the same experience with ARC service. I did recently have a question that I emailed in to the general service email and it did take a couple of days for Kalvin to respond. But it was a clear and thorough response, so well worth the brief wait.

Thanks for the two responses concerning ACR's customer service. I will keep that in mind in the future.

Audio Research did send me an email informing me that remotes for the CD1 are no longer available. Anyone have any ideas on any work arounds?

Ask if they used the same IR code as the CD-3/5/7/8/9. 

The CD-1 was also Philips drive based, so it should have been using the very same RC-5 protocol.

In any case, you can get one from ebay - the cheapest I found is $10 shipped.

Look for 'Remote Control For Marantz C4001P RC63CDl CD85 CD50 CD63KIS RC67CD CD Player'.

Thank you so much for the information. This is what I am in need of although the ARC technician who took far too long to get back with me, would not take the time to explain as you have. 

Thank you again--a big help.

If you are still looking for a remote control of your AR CD1, I have one for sale along with the owner's manual. My CD1 is beyond repairs, but the remote control is in excellent shape. Please let me know.
Keep us posted- James= okimike23
I have a extra CD-1 remote.......autospec
Hi everyone,

For anyone who may be interested, I purchased three remotes off eBay as described above. Each was purchased from a seller from China for about $7. The remotes have all worked well and are all you might need.

Hope this helps someone.

autospec, do you still have the remote for the ARC cd1? If so I will buy it. It also will opperate my krell KAV-250CD PLAYER.
When I needed a Wadia remote I listed a wanted ad on the gon. I was lucky enough to get a response and I purchased it. You might try that route. And no, it didn't cost $7.
Anyone still have the original remote for ARC CD-1 for sale? I’m in need of one now.  Please let me know. Thanks