Need a recommendation on an interim power amp

I need to replace my power amp until I get the time or money to fix the problems my current setup is having.

I have an Apt Holman Pre, Hafler Five Hundred running a pair of Klipsch Heresy 1s.

Really looking for a good used power amp option until I can repair my Hafler this summer. I was looking to pick up either a used Trends TA-10 or Adcom GFA-535II.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. It's obvious from the options I've listed I'm only able to spend 100-200 currently.

I'm tired of listening through my headphones. I want my loudspeakers back!

An Old Soundcraftsmen PCR800 would do the trick

Good Listening

Harman Kardon PA2200, better than the Adcom IMO.
NAD 2100 may work. Better than the Adcom IMHO as well.
The Heresy's will run on 5-10 watts nicely. Pick up a class T amp? Part-express has them for $40-100. What part of the country are you in? Maybe another member will lend you their back up amp?
Kenwood Integrated amplifiers from the late 1970s KA7100, KA8100 and KA9100. Direct coupled dual mono designs with a very powerful, coherent and open sound.
The Adcom bargain amp is the GFA 2300, as seemingly nobody but me likes 'em (they're better than the 535 I or II IMO, of which I've owned a few) resulting in them being very inexpensive. I use one as a back up and utility amp (outdoor speakers), and it's a really well made 85wpc Mosfet. Under $150 all day.
Trends Ta-10 is THE way to go, Adcoms etc sound terrible.
I run Rega 3's ,not a real efficent speaker, with a TA in my bedroom, sounds fine.
Adcoms (etc?...huh?) do not sound terrible and correction: 5300, not 2300.