Need a recommendation for a Mono Cart on a 2nd turntable

Hello I have a couple Duals and a Thorens 316 and want to put together a mono setup. Which table would you guys prefer and what cart would you recommend with it. Thanks in advance

FYI my other table is a fully modded Rega 5 with a ZU103R
The Grados are nice for very light tonearms, the Nagaoka and better yet, but a little lower in compliance. Denon 102 better yet but lower still. Miajima better yet but low compliance. Yous pays your money and yous takes your choice.
I really like my Ortofon 2M Mono.
Tough to say without a price range specified. Love my Miyajima but they aren't cheap.
I think 300.00 would be my limit but would try a strech for a used on if it really worth it. Maybe you guys could give me your top 3 in this price range. Thanks so much.