Need a "short list" of best Subwoofers for M.L.'s

Hello out there!

I'm looking for the best possible brand, size, etc. of subwoofer that would be the best "blend" to augment my Martin Logan Odyssey's. (Let's keep it to the "powered" category for simplicity's sake :)

Thanks to any & all!
REL's are the best match. Storm III or Stadium depending on room size and configuration.
I'm using two Velodyne HGS-15 subs with my M.L. Odyssey's and I could not be more please with the results.
I have tried a lot & sold them all until I got an REL Stadium II. After adjusment it blends perfectly with my Quest Z's.
Look for something with a nice low system Q (no higher than 1, preferably .5) well-damped, with a tank-like cabinet-that'll give you that subjectively 'fast' bass.
I would say the Ml Descent. I love the way it sounds with my Requests. I am going to buy another one for my surround system I am so happy with the match.
Try to audition the Descent. I purchased one, now I use two, ML Descents and they provide really tight bass.
I suggest you include the Vandersteen 2Wq in your audition list.

I'm happy using my Storm with my Odysseys! If I had it to do over again I'd buy the Descent, it wasn't avaiable when I bought my Rel.
Get the Entec SW-1's that just came up for sale today.
You will not regret it. I have no affiliation with the
seller but I did own various iterations of these before.
I own Hsu subwoofer and even though I did no comparison shopping, I can recommend at least checking them out and even call Mr. Hsu. He also makes budget priced subs ( I own a 1220). Anyway, good luck.
Bag End 18's with Elf 1 stereo xover.
I would sugguest a Hsu Research VTF-2. I use one with Aerius I's. For the money its an outstanding subwoofer
I love my Entec SW-1s with both my Sequel 2s (before) and my CLSIIs and Soundlabs (now). I have not heard the RELs, but I prefer stereo subwoofers and they would be very expensive (and probably overdone) as pairs. I have heard a pair of Vandersteens with CLSIIzs and was not impressed (but I don't think any of the four speakers were well set up).
it is funny that this thread would appear. i just heard the oddysys with the descent the other day. i thought it sounded wonderful. i think it may be my next video purchase , in the living room.
The power of a REL Stadium with the speed of a Strata, at a lower cost than either. Fantastic sub. The only thing it lacks is an advertising budget:)
Check out Piega p sub 1
Stay with small drivers which are fast and pitch accurate.Vandersteen and REL are the nods I got and would have plonked down but went with floorstanders instead.Also I might still add the a sub and if I do am thinking of a good external X-over to handle a bi-amp and sub.
I have ML Odyssey speakers. I've tried several subs and am finally thrilled with my Talon Roc 2002. This is, by far, the most musical sounding sub around (IMO). My listening area is about 15X18 with a 15 foot cathedral ceiling. I have placed the sub in the corner of an attached dining area about 12 feet away from the center of my listening area (where the ceiling drops to 8 feet). You would never know how far away the sub is in relation to the main speakers. The blend with the ML is seamless. In fact, a friend insisted the sub wasn't even on and that the sound was coming from the ML's. I then turned off the sub and there was absolutely no doubt where that bass was generating from. Its truly unbelievable. It is a very fast sub. I use audio and video about 50/50 so I wanted something that could handle the demands of theater but remain musical and warm when listening to audio. Also, you won't need two of these (its 1000 watts). I probably have the volumn notched at a little over one (with ten being max). This thing will roar if you let it! Good luck with your search.
Settled on a pair of Paradigm Servo 15's. They are very fast and musical. I run my Dunlavy SCIV's full range and only add the subs for support and weight below 50hz. I would put any and all subs on Audiopoints or Sp-1 platforms .These devices make everything quicker and more tuneful as well as extending the soundstage width. .How would you figure these devices would improve midrange quality and detail while being under a subwoofer. They do.
The ACI Titan is a very Musical Sub.
Best match is the Descent. I have Odysseys with ACI Titan II LE but after hearing the Descent I wish I had got that instead. The Descent has very tight bass, no boominess of any kind.

I was distinctly underwhelmed by the Rel Stadium III I heard.
Martin Logan just came out with this sub that uses 3 10 inch woofers and a 400 watt amp, that the Absolute sound raved about. The name of the sub is the Descent. It lists for 2700 dollars.
Listened to both the descent and the depth with Ascent and Odyssey. Both subs are musical, not boomy. Listened more to the descent, which I prefer for my room because of size (<3200 cubic feet)
The Martin-Logan Descent is the BEST match for Martin-Logan. It only makes sense!!! Works great with my SL3'. Steve