Need a quality Y-adapter for bi-amping

Where I can I find a quality Y-adpater to use for bi-amping? My pre-amp only has one set of outputs. Looking for something alot better than some inexpensive Monster cable thing.

Is it better to get a Y-adpater that I would fit my existing interconncet into, or is it better to just have new interconnects made that start with one connection and split immediately into 2 interconnects? Like a one meter long y interconnect (rather than an adapter). I hope I'm being clear.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


we have found that the best "Y" is not a cable but a solid "Y" adaptor --like the phoenix gold pro -418-- as seen on our showcase at audiogon... this allows for very little loss if any ...and maximum signal transfer

Any Y-adapter will always add extra reactance from itself + extra reactive loads from each amplifier into one output of your preamp. The result will be extraneous harmonic distortions Algthough you will win in dynamics if you feel you havn't enough.
The best Y-adapter for me is no Y-adapter at all. There are preamps designed to work with two amplifiers for example using tape monitoring function along with tape output. For this you only need to plug in your source into the tape input and you'll automatically get output signal from two pairs of output sockets - main and tape...
quick note to Marakanetz's post about using the "main" and "tape" outputs. DO NOT do this unless your preamp specifically mentions this ability, because the "tape out" on most preamps is NOT volume controlled. The tape out of most preamps will drive most amplifiers to FULL volume. I have not heard of many preamps that offer volume control at the tape output, but maybe there are some out there.
The least # of connections & cables the signal routes through the better (but you knew that). It would be better if you had a preamp with dual output jacks, or a power amp with a pass-thru line-out connector. Maybe you could add some extra jacks to one or the other device, or replace one of them with a unit containing that feature. Otherwise a new interconnect (built into a shotgun configuration as mentioned) would be better than the soild Y, and similarly a solid Y would be better than an add-on separate Y-cable , whcih presents the largest # of extra connectors & cables to degrade your signal path.
Contact BOB at the Cable Co. He can custom make you one out of your favorite cable.
I get great results using Comprehensive Video (, 800-431-6000, South Hackensack, NJ)Female XLR to 2 male XLRs Y-adaptor cables (part number XLRJ-2XLRP) at the amp end of my 8-meter Cello XLR-to-XLR cables from preamp to amp. This Comprehensive Video cable is very low in capacitance. The legs of the Y are about one foot long, allowing direct connection of the legs of the Y to stacked monoblocks for biamping.

Yes, you have more connections in the signal path this way, but your preamp is not loaded by a lot of extra cable capacitance from an extra set of interconnects and the Y-adaptors are much cheaper than an extra set of equal-quality interconnects. The extra capacitance of another set of interconnects can cause audible degradation since the amp input impedence seen by the preamp is halved when you use Y-adaptors. Two of these Y-adaptors cost about $50, so you don't have much to lose trying this method. I use ProGold spray on all connections. Comprehensive Video also makes single ended Y-adaptors of the same type.
I am using the Phoenix Gold adapter from that Steven mentioned connected to Audioquest Diamond X 2; sounds better than the Monster Y connector it replaced.
Audioquest makes a good solid "y" for about 20.00 a pair. they sell it as part of a "sub kit". Call em' up, they will get them to you or find a dealer.
I second Audiophile9's comments about the tape loop suggestion. Since the tape out is probably at a fixed line level (somewhere between 1 and 3 volts), your amp would most likely be ROARING with no way to control it. The exception to this rule would be if you had an out of the ordinary preamp design OR an amplifier with input level controls. I would NOT attempt this unless you knew for sure that it would work. Sean
I've used the Audioquests mentioned above, as well as those, which XLO used to market and some made for me by the Cable Company, also mentioned above. I also tried home brewed ones, which I soldered myself. None of them degraded the sound in any noticeable way and none was better or worse then the other.
The tape out can be used if you are feeding a powered Subwoofer with a level control .
When I was at Ambrosia Audio I noticed there was a cup of Kimber KCAG Y-cables. I also know that Harmonic Technology carries them and they also make customs. Audioquest also makes y-cables of each of there interconnects. There is less waste that way. They make them with the ends of the spools. Dale