Need a processor and matching amp for about $1k

Have been playing with horns lately and got a pair of Klipsch KLF-20 speakers (horn tweeter and mids w/two 10 inch woofers). The whole family seems to enjoy them as we have been using them in a 2.0 HT system watching movies. (I have a totally separate system for 2 channel music) Works great if you are sitting dead center but pulls to the closest speaker otherwise. So I found a center KLF-C7 (large horn and two 8 inch mid/woofers) to match to try a 3.1 set-up. As I am a 2 channel guy I need some advice. Got $650 in the Klipsch speakers and have an Outlaw LFM-1 EX 12 inch Subwoofer. I have searched for used sets of pro/amps but they are either not paired up or the processor has no HDMI ports. I am currently using an NAD 2 channel C270 amp (120 watts) and preamp set and am pretty happy with the balance. It is set up in our living room that is about 12’ x 28’ with a vaulted ceiling, we are 10 feet away from the 55 inch LCD. Left side is closed to form an actual corner, with an opening behind us to the kitchen, and the right opens up to the front of the house/dining room behind us in a split foyer home. The Klipsch are very dynamic and have good clarity for dialog and we have no problem with having enough power. Thinking they need be mated to electronics that are a tad on the warm side of life. I am trying to keep the price down to $1000. Is the Outlaw 975 pro/5000 amp combo a good fit?
I think that at this price point you'd do much better with a home theater receiver rather than a pre/pro and separate multi-channel amp.

Most modern HT receivers have built in calibration such as Audyssey, where you can locate the microphone at various sitting locations to try to optimize the acoustics.

I would consider units from such manufacturers as Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Integra, and NAD.  They all make great products.  And your $1,000 will go much further with a good HT receiver than separates.

You are right about the KLF-20 being dynamic.  They are beasts that play loud and clear.  I have been using an NAD pre-pro/Acurus amps combo to drive my Klipsch RF-63 system and the combination is wonderful.  The 63's are probably not quite as revealing as the KLF-20s but do also excel with dynamics.

As mentioned maybe a used or refurbished flagship AVR or near flagship would help keep your cost in line with your budget.  An NAD T775HD2 may be an option but it comes in about $300.00 over your $1000.

Or the T765HD2 at your $1000.00 budget.


Any other way to approach this then? Not thrilled with buying a receiver with 200 ports with an ok amp section. If the processor has issues I will then have to trash the whole kit and kaboodle.

I suppose the Outlaw stuff is not well received here. If I pony up more, is there a reasonably priced, basic HDMI processor to look at and then maybe find 2 used stereo amps or possibly several monoblocks? Is the mic set-up a must for good HT sound? I have played with 2 channel only since the late 70’s so I am green here. In looking at HT equipment it seems it is either cheap junk or an overpriced gizmo box with a bunch of lights and features. I am more interested in sound quality than flash. Thank you for your patience/help!
I am very happy with my NAD T175HD pre/pro. Found here on Audiogon from Spearit Sound for $899.00 refurbished. Not "latest and greatest" Atmos capable but very musical(for a pre/pro) and Audyssey MultEQ XT.

Oh, I think Outlaw(ATI) builds nice stuff at it’s price point and target market.

You could also look at some of the Marantz preamp/processor offerings at A4less.

Been doing more reading and getting more confused. I am not understanding why there are so many refurbished units all over, some 5 or more years old. Reading a lot of complaints of the units not functioning correctly, shutting down/freezing. Many pro/pre’s are several thousand and are unwanted in a few years. I get the impression many manufactures are not interested in building processors and if they do, they want a ton of money for them. Seems like it should be the disposable or easily upgrade-able part of the equation with the race for newer standards but with the silly prices you can’t. Why is this piece of equipment so hard to get right/working reliably?  It has been decades.  Do they not want to or is the HDMI standard flawed? 2 channel is a whole lot easier!!!!! Thanks.
Refurbished can have many meanings.  

1)Returned, deemed defective and repaired and then sold as refurb.
2)Returned not wanted(for any reason) and then sold as refurb.
3)Cosmetic flaw, returned and then sold as refurb.
4)Damaged during shipping, repaired and then sold as refurb.

I am sure there are others.

And yes, HDMI has not been the most reliable standard but I have had great luck with 95% of my HDMI pieces.


So I have been reading NAD receiver manuals.  I am not understanding if I can set the fronts to one frequency cut-of point and the center to another.  Does the statement (The Speaker Configuration is “global”) mean if I select a cut-off point for one speaker it is used for all speakers?  

I am also guessing that the latest decode standards do no mean much to those using 5.1 and lower?

Also, if Audyssey is used to set up will it boast/lower the bass and treble settings?  Not sure I would want that altered and if so can any Audyssey result be independently altered but keep the other settings?  Are some finding it better to set up manually for a purer signal?

Sorry I am so AV challenged, I am trying to understand...    
With my NAD pre/pro, I have my mains set to 50Hz, center to 60Hz, and surrounds set to 80Hz.  I would think NAD's AVRs of the same generation would have the same capabilities.  The NADs have a great feature right on the remote to boost/lower surrounds, center, and subwoofer.  Also tone controls can be engaged(bass & treble boost/lower) for the mains and center channel dialog boost/lower.  You can even disengage Audyssey and apply tone controls where needed or not use them at all.

I am taking a look at the NAD T 757 V1 at  Like that I can biamp to send 60 + 60 watts to the fronts.  Or move on with an external amp(s) later.  Is this a decent processors or is it missing something?  Seems to be more focused on sound quality then gimmicks.  Do the pre/processor sections have the same basic sound quality throughout the NAD receivers?   
If I am not mistaken, the NAD AVRs(T765HD, 775HD, 785HD) of the generation as the T175HD all have the same preamp section which should equate to the same sound quality. The T757 is of a slightly newer generation but it falls under the T765HD and has the lesser Audyssey version or no EQ at all.  Though it may be upgradable with one of the MDC modules.

So I decided to give the Outlaw 975 pro/5000 amp combo a go.  Pretty nice I think.  The sound seems to be pretty neutral with maybe a touch of warmth.  They seem well made and the Outlaw support is very good.  It only has a basic set up but it actually appeals to me.  The family has been enjoying watching movies a lot more having the center channel in the mix etc.  It really helps when off axis as is very common on a couch.  Anyway just thought I would post a follow up.