Need a preamp, new or used.

Hello, I'm new here and a newbie. Current system consists of Golden Ear Triton Reference, Martin Logan Motion 60, 2 SVS SB 3000 subs. 2 Parasound A21+ for the speakers. Node 2i for streaming. Have been using a Parasound P5, however it is now kaput. Looking for a better sounding pre that will not diminish bass impact. Preferably controllable like the P5. I only stream from Tidal and Amazon. Don't need a phono stage or a whole lot of connections. I don't listen real loud, about 70-85 decibels. Mostly Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, U2. Mellow rock. Budget is around 5-7k. Room is 22ftx14x8, carpet, wall and ceiling treatment. No issues in the room. All Audio Quest cables and power cords. Mogami gold for balanced interconnects. The GE's are bright enough, don't want them any brighter. Thanks for listening. 
Find a used Classe' Sigma SSP. The onboard Dac is way better than the Node. However, you can listen both ways, in XLR Bypass the Nodes dac would be used, with digital Bypass off the Classe's Dac would be used. Far superior to the node. You can find a used unit 2-3K. Its a steel! I would only use it in 2 channel. You can also run both subs from the Classe'.
I had both the P3 and P 5, but ran them in balanced only, still just ok

Audio Alchemy DDP-1 (dac pre) + PS 5 is very good, and quite a used bargain

The Elac dac/pre/streamer won an award from Enjoy the Music. I saw one last week in the classifieds

IMO the PS Audio was meh
I have very similar musical tastes and also use Parasound amplification (JC1's) with AQ cabling and have been really happy with my Levinson 326 preamp.

The rest of my system includes a Lumin streamer, Ayre QB-9 Twenty DAC, Aerial 10T's and a JL F112V2 sub.

I can listen all day with no fatigue and get excellent detail with outstanding bass performance.  I've heard great things about the JC 2 preamp as well but no direct experience in my system.

If you wanted to venture into a tubed pre, I would look at the VTL options.  I was very impressed with the 6.5II.
I have similar music taste as you.  I also own GE Triton Reference speakers.  I use a McIntosh C2500 tube preamp and a McIntosh MC301 amp.  Sound is to die for.
Thanks for responding. How is the base response? My biggest problem is my wife has sensitive hearing. High notes hurt her ears. Will the tubes on the MC tone down the highs a little? Thanks for all the responses. 
I'll second using a tube preamp. Trying different tubes can help customize the sound signature and can help mitigate high frequency fatigue. They also may help improve on the imaging.
i’m afraid that tamping down the highs will make things quite boring. one of the points of really good audio is to hear it all wout fatigue. good equipment does this.
I don't know why you say tyour Triton Refs are bright as they are anything but.  I also had them paired with a Rogue RP5 preamp, and Audible Illusions Modulus 3B preamp, a Conrad Johnson MF2550 amp and an Odyssey Stratos Extreme amp.  None of them gave me a bright sound.  I would play around with room acoustics first before spending more on electronics.  You should not have any problems with bass response.  Adjust the control on the back of the speaker.  I have mine set at 10  O  clock and the bass is very deep, defined and not boomy.
My biggest problem is my wife has sensitive hearing. High notes hurt her ears. 
Divorce can fix that.  Expensive tweek for sure but well worth it in the long run. 

Another recommendation for tubes. With your budget, you have a lot of good choices....