Need a power cord for Garrard 301.

I'm looking for a descent power cord for a restored Garrard 301. It should be light weight so it doesn't tug on the motor and it would be nice if it was unterminated to save me the trouble. I don't think anything fancy is necessary or even all that helpful for a Garrard, but my experience is limited. What are you using?
Oh and that's "decent", not "descent". :)
On my Garrard 401, I wired the motor to an IEC connector on the back of the plinth. I am just using a good quality factory cord that came from another piece of equipment, which seems to work just fine.

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Just visit Radio Shack, they have what want.

Dan: beautiful 401! Plinth is already made without a spot for an IEC (and I won't/can't do it myself).

David: amazing systems! You're probably right, I'm overthinking this.
Thanks JT, I appreciate your comments. A lot of hard work and time was spent, to get the plinth to where it is today.

Keep us posted, maybe provide a link to some photos when it's done.

Will do thanks again Dan!
Suggest a Pangea cord from audio advisor. They are very reasonable and you can get free shipping. They also have a return policy. Talking 60 bucks.

I put one on a VPI Scout and it greatly reduced noise. Did a lot to increase soundstage and made everything better. I think its the best value I have ever come across. It is also light and won't move your motor.

Some say it makes things too bright. It did do that for about a day and then it calmed down in my system. I would be surprise if you could do better under 100 bucks
Darkstar, I don't for a minute doubt your subjective impressions, but I can't figure out how a power cord on a belt drive tt (especially a belt drive) could "reduce noise", "increase soundstage", or make things "too bright". Stranger things are reported in audio, however.
Good question, Lew. One conceivable explanation might be that the triple shielding provided in the Pangea AC-14 series cords which I suspect Darkstar1 is referring to could reduce RFI pickup from nearby components, cables, or power cords. RFI that might otherwise radiate within the turntable to the tonearm leads, and result in audible effects by intermodulating with signal in the phono stage or further downstream.

Of course, if the explanation is along those lines there would be no reason to expect much if any correlation between the performance of a given power cord in one system and setup vs. in others. And not much if any correlation between performance and price, either, as well shielded power cords can be obtained at modest prices, the Pangeas being one example.

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-- Al
Thanks for the kind words. I also have a couple of Garrard 301s & 401s too, I can guarantee you that unless the power cord is damaged, any old one will do perfectly. As a matter of fact I don't have a power cord that cost me more than $12 anywhere in the systems!

The plinth and the arm are where the money should go, not useless cords.