Need a "PHYSICALLY" smaller and lighter amp to replace my BAT VK-200 at 70lbs

I need  a few recommendations for a smaller and lighter basic amp that weighs 30 lbs or under and is 100-150 RMS  I hate to sell my BAT VK-200 but at almost 70 lbs it is a monster to move or even to clean on the bottom shelf of the component rack.

Therefore, has class "D" amps improved in the last 7 years?. I owned a pair of mono blocks made by Vampire or red Devil (?) about 10 years ago. They sounded good for about 3 months,, but morphed into an edgy, bright sound. 

Nu-Prime seems to get good reviews. Also, the Benchmark AHB2 amp was given   "A" rating in Stereophile's "Recommended Components) 2017.   The amp is 100RMS.

It is solid state, but not class "D"    Dimensions:are  11Wx 3.8 H x 9.3 D  It weighs 12.5 lbs   My pre-amp is a Conrad Johnson PV14SE and the speakers are Golden Ear Technology model 7 

Thank you, S.J.


Look up Ghosthouse here on the Gon' as he has the Taranis.
 I don't mean to be silly but have you tried using a Swifter wand cleaner to get between very narrow spaces?
My Dennis Had "Inspire Fire Bottle HO" weighs 15 lbs.