Need a pair 2m Sub cables for Tyler Sub

I am looking to find a pair of sub cables for my Tyler Sub, I know he uses DH Labs & I am running DH Labs IC's in my system but was thinking of trying something else for an experiment. I really don't want to spend more then $150.00 new or used. I am running the Silver Sonics for my source & the Air Head for my amp but can't see spending the extra money for another Air Head 2m length just for my sub. How important is the sub cable in my system, I certainly don't want to take a step back & buy a "cheapie" cable.
Check out the Analysis Plus Sub Oval on Audio Advisor. I believe they are $75 each ($150 pr.) for 2.5 meters. 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like them. I'm using just one from the pre out of my integrated to my sub. No complaints!
I've been using a stereo run of AP Sub Oval as well and like it. The four meter run I'm using sounds good and was very affordable from Audiogon member Disco.