Need a new universal transport

So my Oppo has crapped out. Is there another economical option that will play Hi res flac and wav flies along with good ole redbook that’s under $700?  I have a NAD M51 DAC it will be going into. 
Sony makes a well regarded Universal player for under $500
Actually, thy have another Univeral player for under $300.  Check the Crutchfield web site
I decided to splurge a bit more and go for a Marantz ND8006 CD player and steamer. Looks promising. 
I had a Marantz 7004 streamer, and it was terrible, basically unusable.  I used as a DAC in a 3rd system and then Marantz stopped supporting it, so coincidentally when that happened it wouldn’t even work as a DAC anymore.  When it was under warranty Marantz response, which was tardy to say the least, was to ship me an equally ununusable replacement unit.  I hate to rain on your parade and I hope that Marantz has gotten a lot better in the streaming department than back then
Based on everything I’ve read it seems to do what it says. We’ll see.