need a new processor

I currently have an Atlantic Technology p-2000 and would like to upgrade. Am considering several pros currently available here. I listen to mostly music with about 30% movies. I am considering a Parasound Halo c2, Classe ssp75, Moon attraction 7.1 and a newer Rotel RSP 1570.
Amy suggestions or recommendations or should I keep on looking. Speakers are Focal 806v.
Well I would be partial to the Rotel RSP-1572 (1570 has been upgraded to the 1572). For the money, it has to be one the of best surround sound processors available. The Classe ssp75 would be dynamite too but that is the higher end brand of Rotel and may not be either affordable or necessary for what your needs are. I have a Rotel 5.1 AVR and do plan on upgrading someday to a processor since I already have a Rotel mc amp. I particularly like the 4 audio music formats you can choose from that the Rotel has in addition to all of the current surround sound formats. The Rotel has it all really. That's the fun of it. I switch around from using two channel to 5 channel stereo, then to one of the 4 music audio choices, then to the Neo 6, etc. Much has to do with the CD being played and which format makes it sond the best but it's just great to be able to enjoy music in different formats. Keeps it intersting and fresh. So my vote for you would be the Rotel. New retail for the Classe ssp75 unit is about $5K vs about $2K for the Rotel.
Well, I made the change. I went with the Halo C2. Very nice 2 channel and good 5.1 also. The only negative I have come up with using the C2 is the inability to convert computer digital and using the lfe output. I had to reroute the speaker cables to the sub and back to the speakers but that seems to work just fine and I don't fine anything missing by not having the LFE.
But how does it sound to you? Clearly, this is not a modern prepro and you are missing many features, imho, but the bottom line is whether it sounds good to you.
Hi Kal, sorry to be so forward (wasn't able to contact you privately, and apologies to Goulsonc), but if you have a couple of minutes, I would really appreciate your thoughts on the subject of this (mine) thread:
My c2 sound amazing. There is a slight bit of brightness that is apparent but not drastic, I prefer a bit of brightness as opposed to warm. The biggest change has been soundstage. I now swear that there is music comming from in back of me. The DAC is very good except for the LFE issue.o I miss the newer features, not so much as I use this mostly for music from a server. The only real pain is the remote. I ended up just leaving it alone and living with the settings that were already programmed in. I may mess with it again along with the software settings for the processor, but it sound fine and more than fine for the price. Of course I would have liked to purchased a newer processor but yikes what a price difference and I don't need HDMI. So all in all I really like this processor but still don't see it as a permanent solution, just need more money and the wifes ok for more money invested but I think new speakers are next, my Focal 806V's are good but would like a smaller floorstander possibly.

You can patch up a system as you propose but you misunderstand the function of a bypass. It is the stereo preamp that needs the function, not the HT processor.