Need a new Pre-amp

Hi All. I just made the jump into an amplifier with the purchase of the EarthQuake Cinenova Grande 5. I bought it for 5.1 surrond for movies mostly. I also plan to listen to music with this amp as well.

A friend of mine heard me talking about this amp, and asked if we could audition it on his system. I agreed. His amp is a hybrid puts out 250 watts RMS. He's running Von Schweikert VR4s. We did a subjective listening test of music tracks that each of us knows very well. First using his amp, and then my new Cinenova Grand 5. We both listened with his amp and really liked the sound of him amp with the VR4s. When we listened to the same tracks with the same VR4s with my new amp ... WOW! We both heard things that we did not hear on the first amp. The bass was commanding and very much felt. Now my friend says ... you blew up my world. Can I audition the amp for a while?

Presently, I have a Yamaha RXV-2092 with one pair of pre-outs. Hence I need a new preamp. I have a few options on my short list of pre-amp processors for HT. Anthem with the AVM-30 or AVM-40 or the D1 (more expensive than I want to go). The Parasound 7100.

Does anyone have any suggestions or insights on the preamp that I should consider? Opinions on the above options? My own personal system is POLKS. I have the Polk RT-20Ps in the front and RT-8s in the rear. The CS-350 in the front. Because my receiver was such a weakling, I only ran one pair of speakers at a time. No sub at present. Already know what I'm getting there. Sunfire True Sub EQ.

Look forward to reading your constructive comments.


FWIW...i use a three channel EQ amp for L-C-R. I have a Pass X-1 for just the two channel end. I also have a Sunfire IV processor. Recently, i took the Pass out and am trying the Sunfire directly (balanced) into the two channel system (PS audio Classic 250 X 2 into ML Prodigy, vertical bi-amp). While i miss the Pass, knowing it is not in the circuit, I am very impressed with the Sunfire. Yes, it is a little brighter, yes it doesnt have quite the 'air' when listening to two channel only, but it is extremely acceptable.
I have an AnthemAV 20 and it's great sounding. I have yet to upgrade software or hardware in the unit. I really like it just as it is. I had a YBA CD player playing into the analog inputs, but that didn't sound as good as the onboard DACs to me. I do use the component switching on this unit and don't see any problems. I would like to upgrade to 24\192 DACs, but not sure what to buy. I listened to a D2 and it just whipped the crap out of an Ayers preamp. (Even shocked the sales guy.)

My list of preamps to listen to include the new Cary Cinema 11 and 9 and maybe the Theta Valis. I don't think you can go wrong with a digital preamp, I know you won't go wrong with the AnthemAV line no matter which one you pick.