Need a new power amp: Herron vs. Classe/Spectron

I have some very current-demanding 4-0hm speakers derived from Reimer Tetons. The only thing original are the cabinets and the ribbon tweeter; there is a single 7" Focal Audiom Neoglass mid and (2) 12" JBL woofers (can't remember the driver number) per speaker.

I'm using a pair of Herron M-150 monoblocks to drive them right now and am in the process of picking up a Herron VTSP-2 preamp, replacing a Dehavilland Ultraverve 2 with upgraded tubes. The M-150s do a tremendous job on my speakers in all ways except one: when the volume gets loud, they don't have the current output necessary to put out the low frequencies/manage the (2) large woofers. I put my sub amp on them just as an experiment, a Phonic amp that puts out a bunch of juice and 1100 watts/ch into 4 ohms; it pumped out the bass like nobody's business but otherwise sounded like you know what.

I have never listened to any Classe or Spectron equipment but have read as much as I could find on the web. The particular model of Classe I am interested in (that I can afford) is the CA-400. The Spectron of interest would be the Musician III Mk 2, of which there are good deals to be had right now. How would either of these two amps compare to the Herrons? I esp. like the ease of presentation the Herrons have, their liquidity and slight bit of lushness in the mids and highs, and their delicacy, such as with strings. Will either of the two amps listed give me these characteristics plus the additional slam in the bass I'm looking for? Thanks.

My speakers are power hungry WATT/Puppy 8 and I owned McIntosh 2110 tube amplifier. When I decided to upgarde my amp I checked many, many amps and finally I selected Musician III Mk2 - first stereo and now monoblocks with all upgardes and immensely happy with my choice!!!

Classe CA-400 is good solid amp but its not even in the same class as Spectron. I can't remember all details but one think I remember very clearly - as compared to Spectron, there is a VEIL between you and music.

I am not sure if word "lush" fit to Spectron but its sound is sweet and musically involving.

Thanks for the replies. I've been thinking off an on for some time about the Spectron. As soon as my tax refund check arrives (any day now), I'll be picking one up.

Your picking up the Herron VTSP-2? Herron has new version out, the VTSP-3A. Keith Herron said he made 50 changes from the VTSP-3. Might be worth looking into. Good luck on your amp search.
I own the Herron M-150s. I have never heard the Spectron Musician III MK2 or Classe CA-400, but, like you, I am intrigued by the Spectrons.

Here's another thought for handling your power hungry woofers: bi-amp the Herrons, if your speakers have the necessary binding posts. A reviewer for one of the audio ezines went this route and told me that another reviewer he knows of did the same thing. It would be cheaper than the fully upgraded Spectrons, because used M-150s can be had for $2,000 - $3,000 a pair. I would have done this myself, except my speakers have an almost unworkable set of binding posts that are a PITA for just one pair of speaker cables.

The Herrons have been known for a lack of lower end umph from the beginning. I remember reading suggestions to supplement Herron amplified systems with a subwoofer.
I had excellent bass from my M150s powering my Alon Vs. Probably a more benign LF load than your speakers.

I liked the Spectron Musician II amp I tried but I personally much preferred the sound of the Herron amps. I didn't try keith's newer amps, the M1s on my rig.

There is definitely a synergy with Herron pre and amps. If you like your M150s in all other erspects, I would try to bi-amp.

I'd also try to get the newest Herron pre if you can.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did eventually pick up a non-upgraded Musician 3 Mk II but it was not my cuppa'. As I posted in the Herron preamp thread, there is some serious synergy between my Herron pre and the M-150's, so the Herron monoblocks aren't going anywhere. I may end up bi-amping. I also have a likely buyer for the Spectron lined up.

As far as upgrading my preamp to the 3A, some day when the money gods are willing...

Have both Spectron and Classe CA400 before, Classe is veil like Michael said and you can tell right away it's a solid state trying to be tube by sounding overly smooth and veil. In another word, failure attempt to mimic tube, at least that's what I heard in my system.

Spectron on the other hand is very good. it's not tube, but it has pristine and very transparent top end.