Need a new Integrated amp for Plinius Rm25XL's

Well, my Plinius 8200MKII (which I bought used on Audiogon) has finally bit the dust after years of great use. I am looking for an integrated amp that would be as good as the Plinius  for use with the Joseph Audio Rm25XL's.  I am trying to keep the budget new or used under $1750 if possible (I am retired) . Have a tube Dac in the system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I see a Plinius 9100 integrated amp on Audiogon for $1326.
I have the same speakers you have and love them. I have used Hegel with the JA's and the synergy is very nice. A used lower level Hegel Integrated could be found in your price range, they have very good Dac's, so you could sell your DAC to fund a used H160. Jus a suggestion. Good Luck.