Need a new AV receiver

AV receiver will be used 100% for movies and televsion (all two channel music will be through a Plinius 9200 integrated). I was thinking Denon 3806 (reviews seem to bag on the remote), Marantz 7001 or 8001, Arcam 350, Rotel 1057, Pioneer Elite VSX-84 and 82. Any preferences, or other ones I should be thinking about?
I own an earlier generation Denon 3801, and it has done very well in my HT system for 8 years. I'd buy another Denon without hesitation.

IMO, judging an audio component by its remote control is putting the priorities in a wacky order.
check out the Yamaha rxv-2700.
If you are buying from a dealer, ask their service dept (NOT their sals dept) which brands they have the least trouble with, and the best response from the mfgr when they DO need service.
Good Luck!
Currently own a Plinius 9200 and i am using a NAD model 761 HT receiver for movies and TV. Nice sounding receiver.
I just bought a used Rotel 1055 and I am very happy with the sound. Before I had two so-called high end power amps that cost a multiple. But the Rotel makes the movie sound a lot more thrilling!!!!
Set-up is very flexible, connectors are plenty. So I can recommend the 1057, which I believe adds video conversion to what the 1055 does...
Second the RX-V2700. Superb H/T combined with video processing, scaling of anything up thru 1080i via HDMI. Very powerful amp section.
I would pick Rotel or Arcam. Don't forget B&K too. Marantz is built off Pioneer chassis. It's the same gear+ improved audio stages.
I chose the Arcam AVR350, having auditioned the comparable Pioneer Elite, Denon, and Yamaha receivers. Yamaha 2700 was impressive, but the DETAIL of the AVR350 won me over. Dialogue throught the center sounded clear and PRESENT. Just my opinion.
You mentioned nothing about your room, setup, acoustics, or speakers and associated equipment in the system. It's like recommending clothes without mentioning the persons dimmensions and environment in which they'll be wearing it!Denon 3806, sounds good for you, with superb room EQ (most rooms are really gunna need help acoustically) plus really really efficient Klipsch speakers in your system (the Denon smooths top end a bit, for brighter gear/speakers), should sound good for and HT receiver setup. Otherwise, you must definitely consider setting ALL RECEIVERS to "small", for the speakers, and preferably adding an external amp for the speakers!! Receivers are pretty weak dynamically for amp section, even preamp section often. Good luck
hey guys, dont forget mcintosh mht200, or the135 and mc206. I gave the denons, marantz, and acrams a try but compared to the mc, they didnt come close in the sound. The only one I like almost as much was the b&k 507, great buy for the price. I run dali helicons with my mht200, two 400for the l&r, the c200 for my cent. and w200 for my rears. And the mc has no problem making these puppys singe. they are rated 4om too. Also the stero chnl is really good, sometimes as we all know the av amps sometimes lack in two chnle sound.Best of luck with what ever you get and enjoy.