Need a new amp for Von Schweikert VR4 jr's

I have a set of VR4 jr's on order & would like some amp recommendations. I curently have a DNA-1 with a Benchmark DAC that I use for a digital pre-amp. I will be adding an Audible Illusions L1 into the system shortly. I listen to classic rock only & want nice bass slam, excellent soundstage & liquid sound. I do not like a harsh sound so everything has to be smooth, musical & detailed with a nice warm sound.

I had a CJ PV10AL in the system before & found it too veiled with poor bass performance so I sold it for the Benchmark. I have been pretty pleased with a solid state system but have a previous deal in the works for the Audible so at least I can try it & see if I like it. My understanding of the L1 is that it is not very tube like but does provide a "slight" warmth to the overall sound.

I don't feel I am missing anything with the DNA but I want to experiment with some different gear to see what I like. I'm looking to spend about $1500.00 & prefer to buy used. The rest of the system is Parasound belt drive transport, DH Labs & MIT speaker cables. I have not heard ANY V.S. speakers & have recently sold my Tylers for the VR4 jr's. I was thinking of trying a McIntosh or Krell amp to see what all the fuss is about. What other options do I have?
I used an Ayre V-3 (fully upgraded) on GenIII's for a year before upgading to a V-5x and it did an excellent job. There are several for sale here (not mine).
The Audible Illusions is very musical and has plenty of texture. But teaming it with a tube amp may not give you the slam you're looking for.

For something that doesn't have much sound of it's own try one of these Digital amps. Spectron, Bel Canto.

You'll get the slam & dynamics that the VR-4jr can produce without the transister artifacts throw in.

If you haven't purchased the AI preamp, check out the BAT preamps. Better bass control and palpability without loosing the musicality. The BAT/VR combination is spooky real.