Need a new amp

I am currently in the market for a amp/preamp or integrated to match with my Golden Ear Triton Reference.

I currently have a McIntosh MC-452 but this time around I am looking to get a tube amp preferably a single ended Class A.  I was looking at the Line Magnetic LM-805iA and the Cary CAD-805RS.

My sources are VPI Prime Sig with SoundSmith Paua MKII cart.  I also have a McIntosh MP-1100 phono preamp.  For digital I use a Sony HAP1-ZES.

Any other suggestions or products to look at or consider?

I'm a dealer for both Line Magnetic and Cary, so can perhaps help a bit. Both are very good options, although I've never heard either with Golden Ear speakers.

Obviously one is an integrated and the other mono-block amps.  Would you prefer the integrated option, or does it matter?

If you go with the amps, are you planning on keeping your current preamp?....  Or getting a new pre?

The LM would be quite bit less money, especially if you add in the cost of the preamp.

For space reasons I wouldn’t mind the integrated as long as I am not giving up too much sound. 
If I went with amps I would need to get a preamp. 

LM sounds like the way to go. 
For power amp check out Audio Mirror's 45 WATT SET monoblocks. These are awesome sounding amps and rated very conservatively, so well capable to drive your speakers. They drive my 87dB/8 ohm speakers very well.
If you are looking for new gear, you should check out the Art Audio Quartets which are a 45w 845 based mono-block.  I ran them for almost 18 months and they are brilliant.  There is a full review in Enjoy the Music that was done by Professor Michael Bump.  

They are incredible with the Conductor Preamp.  It is a great match and one I would get any day.  

I ran that combo in my home and at AXPONA and Capital Audiofest in 2019.  If it isn't clear, I am the importer which I know makes me biased but it is worth checking out coverage.  Best was in part-time audiophile from both of those shows.  
I will check out both the Audio Mirror and Art Audio Quartets. Appreciate the help!
I just came across this this am:

this Muzishare integrated amp looks a lot like my Cayin: construction/quality/features/25w triode/45w ultralinear power rating ...

AND it has built-in phono and headphone amp, meters, external bias control

$1,600. delivered to USA

If I didn't have/love my mx110z's phono, and IF it had 16 ohm taps and IF it sounds like my Cayin, I would try it, perhaps then sell the Cayin.

a quickie search/find:
I have heard great things about LTA. Will look into the model recommended. 
I will also check out the Muzishare. I heard Cayin and Prima Luna are built in the same factory. 

Op you should give us a call we are a dislaying golden ear triton reference dealer

We have one of the largest collections of integrated amplifiers in the entire us we have:naim, krell
Unison research tube hybrids, anthem,hegel rega,micromega, and a few others

We just got in trade a honey of a tube integrated a prima luna dialogue hp with kt150 tubes which gives you a 100 watts
We also have a like new set of cj gear as well

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
Golden ear and integrated amplifier specialists
Wow that sounds awesome!  
Where are you located?  I am in Central Florida. 
I have heard the Line Magnetic amp you mention and a few other Line Magnetic amps with the GE Reference speakers.

I think the make a great match.
Thanks, I am leaning towards the LM, especially after I spoke to Sandy Gross.