Need a monitor while floorstanders in storage

I need some recommendations for a monitor speaker at $500 or less used. Some of the Totem small floorstanders are out of my price range even used, like the Arro or Staff. I have been reommended PSB Alpha-1, Music Hall's new speaker called the Marimba. Will appreciate any recommendation. Thank you
Not sure what sound qualities you're looking for, but the Silverline Minuets are great.
An even better speaker than the Minuets (which I have owned think are great) are the Aperion Verus Grand monitors. After looking and listening to them I'd swear they cost $2k+ but they sell for about $700 new so you should be able to pick up a new pair for around $500, I would think.
I highly recommend a pair of b&w 685.
Dynaudio audience 42
Bang for buck Silverline Mins are hard to beat.
Another very good choice is Focal 202, a stereophile class B at one time, not often seen but when 200-300 bucks usually.
Thanks to all members who responded so far.
How about the swan d1.1 se? It's on sale fr 50%off right now on audiogon. Looks like a steal to me at $500 brand new!
Interesting about the Aperions. Just noticed someone selling Silverline Preludes -- the newer version -- for $500. Tough to beat that I'd think, but seller won't ship so you'd have to be able to get to New England. Best of luck in your search.
My favorite monitor used in the $500 range are the KEF Q300 speakers.
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR. Around $150 a pair new with full
warranty. Spend the $350 you saved on music.

I own a pair of these I bought for shits and giggles after
the first few reviews came out and they are AMAZING!

A really nice sounding pair of small monitors. Highly
To Mofimadness: Thank you for the recommendation but I think you got the model number wrong of the Pioneer speaker. The model you cited is a center channel speaker.

There are many good budget speakers out there, but even a $150 a pair speakers can't achieve impossible performance. The PSB Alpha 1 comes up repeatedly in TAS as product of the year, and they retail for $299. However, as we all know, at this price range, the quality of speaker components has to be compromised to hit a certain price target. Unfortunately, since the inception of the so-called "improved" format on AG, there seems to be less chances of finding one of the speakers recommended in this thread. Both Polk Audio and Dali have produced good sounding monitors for under $500 retail, but I have not seen either so far on this site.
A little over budget, but Epos Epic 2, an $800/pair monitor for $600 asking price.

Disclaimer: No affiliation or knowledge of the seller.

Stereophile review, which says in part:
What most impressed me about the Epic 2 was how much of a floorstander's bass extension and dramatic high-level dynamic performance it had. Of the several dozen affordable speakers I've reviewed for Stereophile over the years, most have been easily categorizable as either a bookshelf or a floorstander: Each category has its own, unmistakable presentation. However, had I listened to the Epic 2 blindfolded, I'd have bet a considerable amount of money that I was hearing a larger, floorstanding speaker.
Sunnyjim, that's the correct model number. Here is a link to the Stereophile review:
I can not find any information on these monitors. They are same size as the Super HL-5 but have one tweeter and (I think) 8 inch woofer.

Like to get your thoughts/inputs on the following:
- your experience
- comparison to the current SHL-5
- any thoughts on which amp may work best


MO. Thank you for the link to the Stereophile review. I know you are a connoiseur of overachieving components, but have you heard Music Hall's Marimba speakers. Unfortunately, Bob Reina did not review them, but Sam Tellig did and offered little useful performance info about the speakers. He wants everybody to run out and buy a pair $6700 Harbeth monitors (See December's Stereophile)
What about the Totem Arro as a possible monitor like speaker?? I have heard them, but am concerned about their 4.5 inch woofer providing decent bass and not blowing out. I tend to play it loud, but not headbagger loud.
What about an older set of Signets? They beat out LS35A's in dynamics and have very good bass extension for the size.
Not the focus in the highs of a Tablette, but a pretty nice midrange and available for 200 or less all day long.
Geez, what doesn't beat out the LS35a's in dynamics? Or bass extension? LS35a's are the poster boy for whimpy, albeit clear and realistic, sound.
How mature.
I don't think you can go wrong with Paradigm Studio 20's. I can only speak as to the original version. They were the best "bookshelf"/"monitor" speakers I have heard.
Jim, while you mentioned Totem, have you considered (or could you)making use of a small sub backed out of the mix to add a touch of foundation and going with a set of Dreamcatchers?

A fellow out West has a set and also owned a set ob ProAc Tablette II's. He says they are quite similar, but the Totems are a touch less picky about placement off axis with their imaging and the mids are a touch less analytic.

There is a set advertised here for 450 used and there are all kinds of subs around.
Is this something you would consider?

Even the reviewer loved them, save for the bass.

My system was a Canton passive sub with a Crown D150 (of which I might have used 1/4 of). I used to run the levels on the amp about 1/3 open to just add a touch of foundation. The inexpensive nature took nothing away from my system because of this. Even a small powered unit adjusted in this way would be helpful.

What is the rest of your gear?
Gummy....Good suggestion regarding the Totem Dreamcatcher and a subwoofer versus Totem Arro. However, I have never been a fan of subwoofers. The theory makes plenty of sense, but the sound is often unpredictable, that is boomy in small rooms

There are several other small monitors I considered. Dali's Sensor 1; the Pro-AC SC-1 and Tablette. Though, I often wonder what all the fuss is about these speakers. I decided to buy the Music Hall Marimba speakers....they seem to have a very wide frequency response unlike the Wharedale 10.1 which I tried, liked, (but not enough to make them keepers) and sold.

I will audition MA's for a while; and, if they are not musical. I will sell them. The other gear in my system are: Red Dragon digital monoblocks; Bel Canto PRe-3 line stage, and a Rega Apollo player

Yes, I could easily put the Music Hall "cans" in orbit with 250 RMS Thanks, Jimbo
If you took a pair of Tab's home for a week and went through your collection, you would understand.
They are the most invisible mini I have ever owned.

I wish they filled my current room.

You are right about the sub integration. The trick is not trying to get a set of minis to sound like a set of big boys.
It is still a compromise.
I wish I could hear your amplifiers on my Sequerras...
Gumby. I am sure the Tab's sound great, and there is a pair of Signatures for sale on AG right now.

It is good to hear that Sequerra is still in business. Without getting teary-eyed, it really brings back the grand old days of 1970's audio (Maybe not so grand in retrospect) With the recent death of Jim Bongiorno of Ampzilla, there are fewer of the pioneers of 70's audio remaining.

As far as the Red Dragon M-500 digital blocks, they are very good considering their discounted price, but they may not be the last word in resolution.

However, I think I fall subject to "they did not cost enough crowd" Call me crazy, but I am considering (again) downsizing to a integrated amp. like the Sim Moon I.5.3 currently on sale. Jim