Need a Magnepan UniTrac I tonearm repaired

I'm the original owner of a Magnepan UniTrac I tonearm that after 30 years of wonderful service in my Sota Sapphire needs rewiring, including the cartridge harness and Amphenol-to-RCA/ground harness. Magnepan doesn't support the arm anymore and my normal service house doesn't want to tackle the job for fear of permanently damaging the arm. Does anyone know of a top-flight operation that has experience working on this rare and special piece?

The rest of my 2 channel gear:

Dynavector 17D2 cartridge
McIntosh C2300 pre-amp
McIntosh MC302 amp
McIntosh MVP881 CD/DVD/BR
Rogers Studio 1 speakers
Tandberg TCD440A tape deck
Belles Model 1 amp
Belles DMC pre-amp
RGR Model 4-1 pre-amp
Contact me through the forum. Help is but a phone call away. :)

Try "Tubesforever" of Applied Fidelity.
I would scrap the arm and get something more current. The technology has vastly improved over the last 30 years, especially as relates to the SOTA products. Perhaps they can provide you a refurb arm that they know mates well with their line. It should come with service support.
Thanks for your responses and sorry it took so long to reply. everyone! Mosin, I travel a bunch, but if you can let me know when & how to get in touch, I'll be happy to chat. This whole thing has me in a bit of a quandry.

I'd never heard of Applied Fidelity before, but you can be sure I will be in touch with them, Audpulse. The only other firm I've found in the past couple of days willing to tackle the project was Audio Origami in Scotland. It's a tricky job and no mistake, but I'd prefer to work with someone in the US if I can.

The Graham Phantom II Supreme and Tri-Planar VII Ultimate II have both gotten my attention, Buconero. I've got a tickle into Sota to make sure the TriP can fit; I also considered a JMW but that's a no-go because of size. The big thing for me is VTA adjustment on the fly - it makes a tremendous difference with the variety of vinyl I have. I've made a stab at getting re-packs or like-new used units here, and missed each one so far. Going new, well, that's more than I would prefer to invest if I can avoid it.

I'll look forward to hearing back from you all with your input. I'll respond as quick as I can. Thanks again!
I was contacted about this post, I rewire Magnepans. You can reach me at [email protected]