Need a little help with Squeezebox Duet.

I have a wireless Linksys 2.4GHz router and just received a Squeezebox last night. When trying to play any content weather a ripped lossless, aiff, flac file or internet radio the unit is interrupted with buffering. I am guessing this would be a speed issue (“guessing” as I am not very savvy with a computer).
My question: Is my router not up to snuff or is something else not woring properly? This issue happens both with a hardwired connection from router to squeezebox and with wireless. I would be grateful for any help as the Logitech web site and owner’s manual is not much help at least for me. Thanks T. J.
Is your router "B" or at least "G"? "B" may be too slow. Have you checked signal strength at the SB's location with a laptop or similar device?

When you change to a wired connection, have you changed the settings? You will still be connecting wirelessly if you don't reconfigure the settings.

Did you call Logitech's help line?

You can also get excellent advice from the forums at They have a section for Duet users.
With a wireless connection signal strength is probably most important, but I have also found I get dropouts when there is a lot of unrelated traffic on the network, such as somebody else streaming a movie to their computer. Mlsstl makes a good point in regard to the hard wired connection - make sure that is what the Duet is using.
Per above; Network traffic could be the culprit. If it gets really frustrating you can move from a 2.4ghz base station/router to one of those broadcasting at 5ghz. There are other settings in your network preferences that dictate buffer size I believe. I had to fiddle with those as well, but do not remember the details. If you are using a printer or other device that uses the wires of your house as an antenna this also can interfere with the signal to Duet. Ultimately, if it is possible, you will avoid all these problems and get an audible improvement in sound by using an ethernet cable to connect your network to the touch.
TJ, I find this happens rarely, but sometimes with my Squeezebox Duet. To start off, I would suggest going to their own forum page/their website for more responses.

When I find this happening I have taken two approaches to address it with success:

#1: I shut everything down and then start everything back up again. The home computer, the wireless router, the squeezebox - everything. Most of the time this takes care of it.

#2: If #1 didn't take care of it, I find that from my handset (SB-D) I tell it to check for and do a software update. Typically it comes back and says I have the most current, but gives me the option to re-download it. Doing this has always corrected the problem for me when step 1 above doesn't work.

This being said, it is possible that it is a speed issue, but surprisingly the Duet isn't very demanding in this area. Secondly, go into settings and increase the buffering amount to the max (if you haven't already done so).

I have Comcrap internet which is supposed to be really fast! Yeah, maybe if the rest of the people in the world weren't already connected to their overtaxed infrastructure in my area. Even as bad as ComCrap is, I rarely run into this problem. My wireless router is 8 years old! It has no problem keeping up.
Very greatful for the help. I have changed the setting from wireless to Ethernet and am now listing without interruption. This will work fine as my intention was to have a hardwire connection. Always amazed by the kindness of strangers with their willingness to help on audiogon. I don’t post very much but I do read the forums and always come away learning loads. Thanks again & happy listening. Peace T. J.
possible culprits (assuming wireless G or N)

Competition for bandwidth on the network ie others uing teh network concurrently for A/V or similar apps that must move lots of data across the network in real time

One or more units too far from router and/or appliances or other solid objects particularly metal in the path between remote devices and router

Interference from wireless phones, microwave ovens or other radio devices interfering with the wireless network.

Changing the channel (frequency) on the router can often help especially when other devices may be interfering on a particular channel/frequency.

Then also make sure there are not too many competing programs running on the music server. Some services that windows run automatically when the computer starts up, consume resources on the computer and are not needed. There are lists of these you can search out and use to identify unneeded services, but you have to be careful not to shut down certain critical services, so you have to be very careful.

Finally the music server computer itself matters. If a PC, the latest version of windows is best for A/V but I would also recommend at least 4 Gb memory to help assure good performance streaming redbook CD resolution files.

Hope this helps.
Glad you were able to figure it out. DEFINITELY stick with ethernet if it works for you. It sounds audibly and unmistakably better than wireless with the Touch.