Need a list of TT with arms and motors seperate

I've been thinking of upgrading sometime in the future from my VPI SuperScout Master. I thought to my self that if I ever do it has t be a TT with their motor and arm completely seperate from the plinth. Any suggestion out there?? One that comes to mind is the RED POINT.
Teres might meet your needs.
There aren't many tables out there where the arm is on an arm "base" or "armpod" which is COMPLETELY separated from the plinth.

If you are willing to accept a "half-way there" solution to what you are looking for, like the Teres where the armboard is attached to an extension of the plinth, then you might also consider Galibier, MicroSeiki ( the larger ones - 1500, 3000, 5000, and 8000 series), or any number of other tables with similar set-up (Platine Verdier, EuroLabs, Simon Yorke, top-end Sota, Acoustic Signature). This is not to say that any of the above tables are only "halfway there" solutions to a high-end analog system, just that they only meet half the criteria you set. Come to think of it, of the ones I mentioned, the closest to separate arm base might be the Verdier.

If you are willing to experiment or DIY a bit, you could probably build a separate armbase where the extension could be brought close enough to the table, in which case a tall-and-thin plinth might suit (Teres, Verdier, MicroSeiki, Galibier, etc). If you went a bit further, you might be able to DIY your way into what you want through a project using Teres or Origin Live parts.

I, for one, look forward to reading others' suggestions to your search.
Others include
Platine Verdier
TW Acustic Raven

I have a Platine with DC Battery PSU from GT Audio in the UK.

Teres does not mount arms seperate from the plinth. That said, designs like Red Point with motor and arm pods seperate are still coupled through the platform that they sit on. I think seperate arm pods solve some problems, but introduce another set of issues that need to be dealt with. Still, an interesting approach to mounting multiple arms.

BTW, not all of the Red Point arm pods are unattached.
The Red Point tables are rumored have some serious reliability issues. Teres' prices have risen sharply over the past few years, and I don't think any of their models actually isolate the tonearm from the platter on a seperate base.

There's little advantage to placing the arm on a seperate base. It will greatly complicate set-up and assuredly increase the odds that your arm and cartridge will accidently go out of alignment, damaging them and your records. The only plus I can imagine might be a reduction of bearing noise, but most of that is picked up by the cartridge through the platter anyway. As I see it, there lots to lose and little to gain from such a design.
So I guess the solution is to get a TT with little to no bearing noise? Which ones are they?
A previous response hasn't made it yet (or so it seems for the moment).

After some consideration, I was going to add what Dan_ed said about the armpods coupling with the platform so why bother. But he did so I won't :^)

The "easy" answer to the question of low bearing noise TTs would be TTs without a "physical" bearing. That might include the Platine Verdier and air-bearing tables (Forsell Air, Micro Seiki SX-5000 and SX-8000 and I am sure there are others). Others might be able to give you more qualified expertise as regards TTs with "physical" bearings.
Dear Justubes: A very good alternative could be Acoustic Signature, especially the Mambo model.

Regards and enjoy the music.
If you are looking for low bearing noise, check out Harry Pearson's review of the new EAR turntable.I believe it is in the August issue. Magnetic bearing - completely silent. Harry was quite impressed.
So I guess the solution is to get a TT with little to no bearing noise? Which ones are they?

Verdier Platine has no bearing noise since it doesn't have a conventional thrust bearing. A magnetic thrust bearing is silent.
Hi, the Micro Seiki RX-1500 has a serarate pod for the arm. As far as quiet bearings, i don't think anything is as quiet as a Well Tempered TT
Look at Amazon Model 1 or Reference... Separate motor, battery powered and thread belt. The bearing is serious.
Is a magnetic bearing really vibration free
(or silent)? Think about holding two strong magnets close to eachother so they are repelling. Move one slightly and the other one will move. The same will happen in a bearing. Two repelling magnets are not at all isolated from eachother. They are actually quite coupled. Friction, though, will be low.
Is a magnetic bearing really vibration free
(or silent)?
Well, rumble is usually associated with bearing friction, so I think that a magnetic bearing has no rumble.
good thread!
I am looking to build a tt and want to make it so it will sound betta than what I have. Of course I doubt that will happen or if it does it will take years. Was just wondering -- What are some of the better bearings out there, that can be purchased individually? I want to try the different options so--I am considering going with a magnetic design as well.
I'm not talking about friction (which a magnetic bearing would have anyway. If it didn't, the platter would spin forever). I'm just talking about vibrations on one side of the magnetic bearing being transmitted to the other side. Just because there is air between the two bearing surfaces there is definitely not complete isolation.