Need a high end, quite, phase proper, passive X over!

for a custom build set of speakers that Im making for my Son for his Graduation from High school. The top portion (mids/tweets) should end up accurate +/- 1 db to around 80 to 90 hz in a sealed cabinet even pulled 3 feet from the wall. Not sure till I start building but I already have the drivers.

Basically Im gonna try to make be a poor-mans Wilson Watt Puppy / Ariel 10T based around a pair of Kinergetics SW 800's (the one with three Seas 10 inch woofers per side not 5) Vifa silk dome tweeters and Vifa 5 and 1/4 drivers for mids. Im open to a rack based solution but since Im custom building this an an actual X over like the ones inside your speaker is preferable. I looked at parts express... and Im questioning quality for the components I have. Once I get it down and happy with the sound. Im gonna send the boxes off to an Autobody shop for a custom Lacquer paint job. Im also gonna need 6 or 8 really nice looking and effective spikes or footers for these since I going to go all out. I could buy him speakers for probably less but the fact Pops made them himself... well you know. 

The Subs are good and clean to 120 HZ very VERY fast and accurate down to 16 HZ so 80 through 100 HZ will work fine. Any input would be appreciated. I posted this on DIY boards but seems to be people that care more about the cost than the sound. Not picking on them just not what Im looking for. Im sure there are exceptions just the responses Ive gotten so far so I thought I would try here.

Hes a great kid, super smart, currently in a select Bio Science High School (Gets straight A's which is a 5.0 in normal HS) and will get a full ride scholarship to College in Engineering. He currently is the team captain of those robot wars with skill saws attached as weapons that you see on TV. Yes Im very proud of him and he is way smarter than me. Wife must of had an affair... hahaha

So thank you in advance for any input on sourcing the quality components I am looking for.  

Allgood! and Enoy the music.
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so you think that somebody is going to be able to just hand you a ready made crossover to plug in and it will all work perfectly?
Thats not the way it works. Best thing is to just just yourself a mini dsp plate amp. 
No not what I was asking kenjit696 posts ... possibly I was not clear? Im looking for places to source quality components for this project. But great idea on the DSP plate AMP I have no personal experience with the newer DSP plate Amps. They seem to be quite popular and the wave of the future with the new ICE technology.
Crossover design is the heart and soul of loudspeaker design. (Even with a single fullrange driver, the designer has to make sure the output from the various parts of the cone sums properly.)

Getting the right value crossover components in the right places comes first; boutique components will not compensate for inadequate crossover design.

Designing a crossover is easy. Designing a good one is not. It starts with good data and lots of it, and not many people have the equipment to generate their own good data.

So here is what I suggest: Either use a kit and build your own Wilson-esque enclosures, or buy your drivers from Madisound and pay them to do the crossover design for you. Parts Express is another source of crossover parts. Parts Connexion specialzes in boutique crossover parts... as you will discover, there really is no upper limit to the amount of money you can spend on crossover parts.  But the best quality part in the wrong value is still the wrong part. The crossover design itself is what comes first.

Best of luck with your project.

The best place for this is over at DIYaudio
Thank you Duke!!! Im a huge fan of your Swarm Subs and try my best to get people to convert and understand just how amazing they are. I should be on a bicycle with your brochures in my arms haha... Im that impressed with the Swarm set up system. Keep up the good work.


Enjoy the music! 
Did you try Madisound? Are you sure you want to give a kid who builds robots with saws a wooden speaker? 
No Ive never heard of Madisound but searchig for them now... This is the info I was looking for. And hes more mature than I am... If he ends up at a frat house he will tell me to store them till he has a safe home for them.

But I hear ya!