Need A great Processor

Have 2 New Parasound Halo amps, 7.1 surround PMC speakers and need a great Processor.How much do I need to spend, and what do you guys recommend? I know we have Anthem Arcam Onkyo Integra Marantz etc. I want it to be able to play music and Home theater.While it would always be nice to not spend 7k, I have heard that there are probs., with the new Onkyo 80.2.Thanks
Are you kidding? The Emotiva has weird bass management and EQ. These are complex devices and the "problems" with those the OP lists are minor in comparison. The Emotiva's major feature is low price.

In the mid-highend($5-$10,000) I would pick Classe SSP 800 in first place for a 50/50(music/movies)setup and the Anthem D2v for people who listen to mostly use it for movies(70/30).But since you are using PMC you may want to look for Brystons new SSP but I am not sure when they are releasing it and it will be up there($$$$10,000) without video.I use a Krell HTS 7.1 and a Marantz UD9004 and run video to TV and rca audio to Krell.This way is a much cheaper way of doing things and works great.
Check around for a used Arcam AV-8 or AV-9. The difference is the AV-9 has HDMI switching. Great for both music and movies.
Hi-I got to audition the SSP-800 a couple of weeks back and the sound quality was spectacular.

I am down to a final decision (seperate pre/amp, prono preamp and turntable) or just get my HT rig current (I am using the original NAD M15). If it goes the way of pre/pro there is no doubt that it will be the Classe SSP-800.
I have an Anthem D2v and I like that fact that they are upgradeable to point where a lot of others aren't. But it depends on your budget. Marantz's AV7005 at 1200.00 is quite a bargain, from what I have seen at the dealers showroom. As far as music I am not thrilled with the Anthem, I use a seperate 2 channel pre-amp with unity gain for all 2 channel listening.
Are you going to be using analogue 5.1/7.1 or HDMI DTS Master audio formats? I have a Parasound HCA 2205AT power amp with an Onkyo Pro SC-885 processor. My analogue 5.1 is played through an Oppo BDP-83SE with spectacular results. Soon to be exchanged for the new Oppo BDP 95 model(much , much better). Video is fed through HDMI.
Lot's of info, I am not really a techee. Also, while I can learn to operate equipment and understand it's parameters, I have a family that will not be as interested if there are too many different routes, separate processors or pre amps. All contained in 1 box is good, still wondering what I need to spend, so as not to be disappointed.I know the new processor from Bryston will be big dollars. Re: cabling,I would think that I will hook up via HDMI 7.1. I know Analogue is good for music.As I only have a 15 yr. old Onkyo, I am guessing that you can hook up your audio for music via analogue. Thanks
I like Anthem, Krell, B&K, Bryston for prepro's. Not sure how Rotels are these days. I used to like them. The Emotiva UMC 1 should have been a giant killer. When it runs right, it is. Sadly, it has a lot of problems. Its really too bad.
I couldnt agree more about Emotiva.....what a shame.
I have the Anthem D2V and its pricey but well worth it if your serious.
If you dont need HDMI it really opens up a world of options used.
Just got a demo Marantz AV8003 , 1/2 price . does not have every bell and whistle , but it does a nice job of being 2 preamps in one. {Seperate analog and digital} Paired with good amps and speakers , sound quality is excellent.