Need a good easy to use music manager for PC

My system consists of the Oppo BDP-105 balanced outputs going to a Sherbourn PT-7030 pre amp balanced inputs to an Emotiva amp out to AV123 Strata Mini's. I also have an Escient Fireball music server input to the Oppo. Lots of wave files on an outboard hard drive. Looking for management software. Playing with Jriver 19. Finding it a little to complicated, especially when it comes to fixing cover art. Any suggestions?
Try putting the cover art in the same folder as the music files. Jriver should pick it up.
BEst to convert to FLAC. VArious tools for fixing tags and cover art there. No really comprehensive and fast options with .wav.

I just converted 1Tb of .wav files to FLAC recently using MEdiaMonkey. Once set up correctly, the conversion took about 48 hours and compressed lossless format FLAC files only took about .5Tb.

SO far using Picard as preferred tool for quickly autotagging FLac with cover art, using MEdia Monkey as a supplemental tool for ripping and tagging. MM works for these things but I am not crazy about the usability of the tool.
I use J Rivers Media Center 17 (older version) and I really like the software. It works very well and I can easily edit the Metadata and such. You can get ALL the information of editing the pictures, songs, etc. on their Wikipedia site. I found Media Monkey to be not as sophisticated as the J River 17.
The recommendation to convert to FLAC is a good one. IMHO, the best software for doing that is dbPowerAmp, about $50. It has a batch mode that will allow you to convert multiple files easily.

Secondly, I greatly prefer Mezzmo over MediaMonkey or JRiver. It has a simpler, more intuitive interface and is exceptionally good software. Give it a try, I think you'll agree...