Need a good center for new 805S

Rotel 1080 driving 805S as fronts. Klipsch reference series as surrounds. With the htm2d (2K-3K) not affordable at this time, what is a good alternative to carry as a center is needed in this HT system. Budget is $400-$500
Forget about the HTM2D, the HTM4S is the appropriate centre speaker for the 805S, but costs more than $400-$500. You may be able to find a deal here on Audiogon.
My advice would be to not use a center speaker. Unless you are using a projector w/ a large screen, IMHO a center speaker is not necessary. Others may (will) disagree.
A buddy of mine had the Matrix HTM center and I was very impressed. Didn't sound wimpy or honky, and it was very clear and accurate sounding with voices. Also, since it only has the one mid driver w/ tweeter mounted on top it avoids a lot of the issues that can affect the MTM designs, and I always found the HTM center to sound very uniform across the listening area. If you can find one it should be in your price range and might serve as a good stopgap until you can step up to the higher models. Best of luck.