Need a good amp for Dahlquist DQ-10

Looking for a good used amp to drive DQ-10 speakers. Have been told that a 200wpc is enough power. Have found a McIntosh MC 2250(250wpc) for 1200.00 and an Aragon 4004MK11(200wpc) for 900.00. Also have seen the same Aragon on Audiogon for less and wondering which way to go. Need a preamp for use of a tuner and cd with this. Any suggestions!Just starting out with the DQ 10 speakers and dont want to buy the wrong amp. Thank You! Larry
I have the DQ20i's speakers, and absolutely love them. I had tried various amps with my system (Krell, Ayre, Cary) to name a few, and ended up with the Legend Audio Design triode mono amps. They also have an integrated amp, but it may be over your budget ($3,000). Krell may be great with some systems, but on mine it sounded bright and thin. Dalquist speakers are very detailed, so you have to be careful what you match them with. I would definitely go with tube amps. I like the McIntosh amps, but never tried them with my speakers. I'm sure they would sound great however. Rogue might be a good choice. I've listened to the amps and pre-amps and they sound very good, especially for the price. Hope this helps.
i own a pair of dq-10's -- bought them in 1976 and i love them

i also bought 2 carver cubes --200wpc--500wats mono and have been and still running one per speaker with a carver c-4000 pre-amp ...
they sound wonderful and the dq-10's love the power

HELLO, I still own my dahlquist dq10's and dq20's also.for the price they are a gift and have to spend several thousand to beat I.M.H.O.I currently own von schweikert vr6's but had many others that i did not like as much as the dahlquists.dahlquist are like sponges ,especially the 10's and need high current.I feel they sound their best with a good all tube preamp say an older A.R.C.SP6 fits the bill nicely and at least 200/ SOLID STATE AMP.threshold comes to mind,just as long as it is high current.also placement is critical with them.ENYOY,RICH