Need a full list of released SACDs.Help

I am trying to find a complete list of what was released on SACD and what is about to be released.Many labels make hybrid CD/SACDs and they get lost somewhere in regular CD sections of record stores.For example,i never even imagined that Can will remaster all their albums and put them out as hybrid discs.I actually bought several reissues and noticed a SACD logo almost 1,5 years later in fine print on the back of a CD.Now, that makes me want to purchase SACD player ASAP.I wonder how many more treasures are hidde on a regular CD shelves without proper advertisement.
I remember some time ago Stereophile mentioned some Scandinavian guy who runs a web blog with updated info on all releases but i was unable to locate where and when they mentioned it.Any help from Audiogon members would be appreciated.Thanks.
maybe not the definitive site but is a great site for much of the info you seek
SA-CD.NET is what you are looking for.

Regards, Rich
check out ...they have a good listing and also good listening dwhitt